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R.I.P. Boom 94.5

Dallas' only classic hip-hop radio station is no more.

Turn your radio dial to 94.5 FM this morning and you’ll find that The Boom, Dallas’ only classic hip-hop station since late 2014, is no more. The station’s changed formats — to contemporary and throwback R&B — and names, to Majic 94.5.

Here’s what you can expect to hear on the new station, according to Majic 94.5’s website: “Jill Scott, Maxwell, Music Soulchild, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Brandy, Bruno Mars, Monica, Faith Evans, Ro James, and so much more.”

While that doesn’t sound too terrible, it’s a colossal bummer to lose throwback rap programming on the radio. There’s a reason we named The Boom the best radio station in town in 2015. It was nonstop Golden Era hip-hop, including the now duly recognized material that wasn’t actually played on the radio during the Golden Era. The Boom had nostalgic appeal, but it also worked to define a canon, a hip-hop legacy that helped cement the genre’s timelessness for new generations. If you can still hear Led Zeppelin blaring across terrestrial airwaves, you should be able to tune in to Run-D.M.C.

We’re going to miss the thrill of coming across a Chronic-era Dr. Dre song, practically designed to rumble out of car radio speakers. We’ll miss tripping into the brain-bending warp of Missy Elliott rapping over a Timbaland beat, of Ice Cube assuring us that it is indeed a good day. We’ll find all of this elsewhere, of course, but there’s still something to be said for the out-of-your-hands discovery of turning on the radio.


  • Aaron Collins

    Spotify and Pandora. Enough said.

  • Shaka

    #FUCKMajic bring back the BOOM 94.5 now!!

  • Pol Pot

    Does KNON still have Eazy Eddie D on Saturday Nights?

    • Original Soul

      Yes. 8-10p every Saturday.

  • Torie Horton

    I was so disappointed this morning to turn on my radio and hear Tom Joyner. I literally cussed at my radio. Bring back Boom 94.5 and Mark and nem. They were good. Why mess with a good thing?

  • The Skeeball Guy

    NOBODY in the DFW area asked for this!

  • Rho

    Love that Tom Joyner is back but i loved the 80s & 90s hip hop songs that are not played on the radio now. They have crap on the other hip hop stations that i cant stand, so i will definitely miss the music from Boom. It seems we cant get go music stations out here that last long. But you can bet the country & rock stations go no where.

  • Kandi Alexander Allen

    R.I.P. BOOM.

  • Realornah

    Nobody wants to hear Tom Joyner talking about his damn Cruise that he’s getting rich off of and D.L. telling those old stale ass jokes bring back the Boom and let these jokers make it on another station!!!! Bums!!!!

  • sandra piper

    I really enjoyed Boom and hate that it has been replaced. I listened this morning and it was boring. Just boring, Tom and Sybil did not hold my attention, still have the same program with the sorry jokes and too much talking.
    I enjoyed the music and news topics when it was Boom. Now that the station has change the ratings will drop. Should have left a good thing alone.

  • Stanley Williams

    I always look forward to hearing Mark, Menace, and Indy when I drive home from work in the mornings because I work overnight. Was PISSED OFF to hear Tom Joyner!!!!! What happened?!? Bring ’em back!!!

  • jay lo

    We already have an “old folks” radio station. It’s called 105.7 which used to be a “Smooth Jazz” station sometime back. No offense, but people of Generation X don’t want to listen to Tom Joyner, D.L. Hughley and the rest of the same old Black voices these corporate radio stations seem to pimp to us!

    • JeniferEDutil

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  • Snapper Snatch

    the rappers u to say sh**–now they talk sh**—it’s all a cyclonic regurgitation of NADA–good riddance–rock & roll said alot–the BOOM said NADA

    • Realornah

      Get off this blog with that nonsense! The Boom must have said something because you were listening to it! You can’t talk about things you know nothing about! I don’t like rock and roll but I’m not gonna down it because i don’t like or understand what they are saying sometimes!! Personal preference

      • Randi Graybeal Harrison

        Bring back the Boom!!!

  • Amber Bates

    What the fudge muffin?!?! This is some bullish. One of my favorite things on the ride into work was listening to DJ Menace’s mixes and 16 bars! Now, it’s going to be like all the other radio stations. Ugh!

    • Cesar Chavez

      Bring back the Boom. And that crazy Mex ya tu sabes. 94.5 .

  • bunny

    I am pissed that Boom 94.5 is gone!!! It was my favorite station. It was refreshing to hear the old school hip hop songs, the DJ remixes, etc. I even heard some songs that I forgot about on this ststion. It was great as it was. Magic 94.5 Contemporary R&B, pfff please!!! We already have KRNB 105.7, and they play the same fucking songs over and over and over!!!

  • Shellie Braggs

    Is there anything, we can do. This is so sad….We don’t need two stations playing Classic R&B

  • Rev.CoitusInterruptus

    Damn, the only radio station in DFW that I could stand to listen to for any extended period of time is gone. I will miss Boom, my vehicle doesn’t have an auxiliary jack on the factory stereo, so I guess I have to bust out the lame ass FM broadcast thing to connect to my phone so I can one more hear some quality music while I drive. I can’t imagine that the ratings for the station were bad, it was the only station that I, my wife and our kids could agree upon and from my experience it was well liked by my friends of varying racial, economic and age demographics. What a terrible move to change this format, I can only hope that the ratings plummet and Radio One will see the error of its ways and bring back the Boom.

  • Chunk Dunk

    Not to mention the awesome mixes they had.

  • Stephanie Tillis

    Whoever made this decision is an ass. We were so happy when we got to hear our music from our generation and now it’s gone????? What the deuce?????

  • Jennifer

    WTF why? Loved it. Yup bring back Boom

  • Carla Y Parrish


  • Alex Cardenas Flores

    This new Majic suck ass!! Every time I switch to it it’s always on commercials I hate the new station will never hear it again I have even erased it from my settings! Why change something so good for something so horrible! Bad mistake

  • Randi Graybeal Harrison

    I am so mad, upset and sad. This station brought back memories and gave my daughter’s a chance to hear real music. They would sing along with me and learned that is where their newer songs generated from. They knew Tupac was legend. I will miss the BOOM.

  • La’Tresha ReNee Echols

    I hate the new format!! #BRINGBACKTHEBOOM!!!!!

  • Greg Holman

    The New Majic 94.5 SUCKS!!! Especially the Tom Joyner and D.L. Hugley Shows!!! What a load of… non-listenable “music”.

  • Derryl Kinnell


  • Texas Made

    Thank God…. Thanks KSOC……

  • Cecilia Maldonado

    94.5 the Boom was the first time I heard my kind of music that was played during my generation. It brought back lots of memories, it was the first station that made allot of us feel we had a part in the world of radio. It is very unfortunate that our music has been taken away from us. I hope my voice is heard and our station can be brought back as fast as it was taken away from us.

  • Cecilia Maldonado

    Ok it’s me again…. The station reminded me of the music 100.3 jams used to play back in our day. The station put me in a good mood throughout the day. Bring it back.

  • Brian Highsmith

    I really don’t understand how Radio One could drop the ball so badly. Boom 94.5 had that “real hip-hop” on lock! They were the only game in town! I could turn to BOOM and be wowed by the variety of hot tracks from ALL regions! I remember when I first heard DJ Menace on the air challenging listeners to request a song he couldn’t find, Groundbreaking! Now there’s Majic 94.5! No disrespect, but there is already an established R&B station in the DFW with 105.7. I know one thing. 94.5 lost me as a listener with the switch; END OF STORY!!!

  • The Opposite

    100% agree. When they first came on the air it was strictly hip hop, everything from UGK to Outkast to Naughty by Nature to Snoop. They would even play a few underground Texas classics. Last few months it was mostly 90s r&b with a few mainstream rap songs sprinkled in between. It was obvious they were headed in this direction. Everybody’s saying they listened but obviously not enough. They wouldn’t have changed formats if the ratings were high and the ad dollars were rolling in.

  • Sabrina Brown

    This hurts my heart. I adored Boom esp on my ride to work (from Denton, Tx to Durant, Ok), it made the 80mi journey easier. Like others have pointed out KRNB 105.7 covers the demographic the new 94.5 has. So if indeed they shut Boom down because of low viewership, they better prepare to low a solid chunk more.

  • Silver Clementina Varela

    So disappointed! I guess it’s time to renew my pandora account.

  • Stephanie Walker

    I loved the Boom way better than k104 and 97.9