Varnished Truth: Redbird Skateland has no “skate helpers” or kid-safe songs. Just plenty of room to skate-dance. Steven Visneau


The Absolute Best, Most Powerful Guide to Dallas’ Roller Rinks

Lace em up!

Taking my kids to White Rock Skate, in Lake Highlands, always threw me into a bit of a tailspin when I walked through doors. The smell of the roller skate disinfectant, the sound of hard rubber on the wood floor, the flash of light off the disco ball — it all immediately took me back to grade school, when I skated at White Rock. The place was timeless. I loved it. And I loved that my kids loved it.

White Rock Skate is still there, but it has been sold and now stands empty, waiting to be torn down. I belong to a community pool across the street. It breaks my heart a little every time I drive past White Rock.

So when Alice Laussade said she wanted to investigate North Texas’ remaining rinks, find the best places to roll, I said, “Absolutely. Yes. This is the most important assignment of your life. Don’t fall on your face.”

Alice delivered. Her story, “Roll On!” just went online. Dig it.