The Irving Music Factory rendering courtesy of Live Nation, in the heyday of our imagination.

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Irving Music Factory Opening Delayed

Live Nation's new Pavilion will now open on Sept. 9, meaning fans expecting to see Dave Chappelle this weekend will have to wait.

The opening of the Pavilion, the new Live Nation performance venue previously scheduled to open this weekend at a massive entertainment complex in the works in Irving, has been pushed back to Sept. 9 because of delays with construction, promoters announced today.

Dave Chappelle’s two shows have been rescheduled for Oct. 26 and 27, still at the Irving Music Factory. Old tickets will work for those dates. The Lifehouse and Switchfoot performance scheduled at the venue for Sept. 4 has been moved to South Side Ballroom, with the Sept. 6 Goo Goo Dolls concert moved to Starplex Pavilion. Tickets for those latter two shows will be reissued by Ticketmaster, or refunds are available at point of purchase. The Brad Paisley concert set for Sept. 2 has not been rescheduled.  Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy’s event this weekend had already been cancelled.

Rumors that the venue wouldn’t be ready for its opening weekend have been circulating for a little while now. Anyone driving by the still very much under construction 250,000-square-foot development could probably have guessed as much.

The Pavilion, a three-in-one venue that can hold as many as 8,000 as an open-air amphitheater, and as few as 2,500 as an indoor theater, is now scheduled to open its doors for ZZ Top on Sept. 9. The more than 20 restaurants and the Alamo Drafthouse movie theater also planned for the Irving Music Factory are expected to open late this year or early next, pending any further delays.

Here’s the release from Live Nation:

DALLAS, TX (Aug. 30, 2017) — Due to construction delays in completing portions of the development on time and the assessment of the present status of the project, Live Nation has been forced to delay the opening of the Pavilion until Saturday, September 9.  It is with regret that we apologize to our patrons; however, it is important that we deliver a first-class venue experience.  We look forward to opening September 9, 2017, with a performance by ZZ Top.

ORIGINAL SCHEDULE                                                              SCHEDULE CHANGES

Thu. Aug. 31 Dave Chappelle                                                     Thu. Oct. 26 Irving Music Factory

Fri. Sept. 01  Dave Chappelle                                                    Fri. Oct. 27 Irving Music Factory

Sat. Sept. 02 Brad Paisley                                                         TBD     

Mon. Sept. 04 Lifehouse & Switchfoot                                       Mon. Sept. 04 South Side Ballroom

Wed. Sept. 06 Goo Goo Dolls                                                   Wed. Sept. 06 Starplex Pavilion

Original tickets for Dave Chappelle dates will be honored at rescheduled dates. We regret Brad Paisley could not be rescheduled at this time and more details coming soon. Tickets for the Lifehouse & Switchfoot event will be honored at the South Side Ballroom (General Admission/Standing).  Tickets for the Goo Goo Dolls event being moved to Starplex Pavilion in Dallas will be reissued by Ticketmaster Customer Service or can be exchanged at the Starplex Box Office.  Refunds will be available at point of purchase.


  • Lynch Fan

    In true Irving/Las Colinas fashion, cancel/delayed is once again echoed. These idiots really need to get their act together!

  • Theo Beck

    Are you kidding me…..2 days before the f….. event.

    • wren1700

      seriously, they didn’t know this a week ago?

  • Design By Plum

    Thanks for the heads up DMag!

    • Jamiefastle

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  • Jeanna Scott

    This is outrageous. Finally get tickets to see Jeff Foxworthy for my daughters birthday. Trusting the facility would be completed and ready to go. I will not book another event at this facility. Thanks D for the truth.

    • Dale Campbell

      Big deal, Jeff Foxworthy, no great loss.

  • TJ Jacks

    another over hyped, over priced, wannabe, jungle for the elite! $100+ for venue, $150 for food, $75 for drinks, $50 to park, …