Steed and his new mural. Photo by Brandon LaJoie.

Visual Arts

A Fine New Reason to Look Behind the Beer Waterfall Billboard Off I-35E

Artist Kyle Steed's new mural takes up some prime real estate.

Kyle Steed’s exceptional work can be found all over Dallas and all over Instagram. The artist is known in part for his big, bold murals, including the Dallas City Mural along the Trinity Strand Trail. Its JFK-esque challenge is both very large and very aesthetically aligned with the kinds of images that rack up a lot of hits on Instagram and Pinterest while drawing selfie-seekers from across the city.

His latest mural should also prove popular. It’s big, for one thing, and it’s located on the backside of the Coors Light waterfall billboard off I-35, as much a Dallas landmark as Dealey Plaza or Reunion Tower.

The mural, commissioned by the owners of The Alexan apartment complex nearby, was unveiled Thursday night. Its colorful, doodling style should be familiar to fans of Steed’s previous work. Steed says the mural was inspired by the idea of connectivity—between him and this city, and between all of us, past and present.

If you don’t happen to live at The Alexan, you should be able to see the mural from the crossing of the Katy Trail and Trinity Strand Trail.