Deadmau5 courtesy photo by Matt Barnes.

Things to Do

Your Guide to Dallas New Year’s Eve Concerts

Ring in 2017 with live music.

To let a DJ save your life:
Lights All Night | Dec. 30 & 31 at Dallas Market Hall
Above & Beyond and Zedd headline Night One — Dec. 30, also known as New Year’s Eve’s Eve — of this neon-coated dance music extravaganza at Dallas Market Hall. Deadmau5, RL Grime, and Nero take over into the night on Dec. 31 — also known as New Year’s Eve — but the true party animals will have bought two-night passes. True dance floor euphoria only comes to those who warm up to all these opening DJs.

To see North Texas’ finest party-starters
Dezi 5 | Dec. 31 at Three Links
The Dallas pop act is joined by the rapper 88 Killa, a combination that guarantees a lively performance. The show also has the promise of a visual art installation (by Eric Trich) going for it.

To enjoy a local kind of groove:
Ishi | Dec. 31 at Trees
The great Cure For Paranoia and Sam Lao open up Ishi’s traditional New Year’s Eve show.

To rage in two languages
Molotov | The Bomb Factory
A sort of bilingual Rage Against the Machine, Molotov has the righteous indignation and absurd sense of humor 2016 deserved.

To rock boldly into 2017
Jonathan Tyler | Dec. 31 at the Granada
Tyler, lending some country twang to his grinning rock sound, aw-shucks us into 2017 with Nikki Lane, Paul Cathen, and other guests.

To prove that you’re truly an adult
The Dallas Symphony Orchestra | Dec. 31 at the Meyerson Symphony Center
A far cry from the keg stands, late nights, shameful mornings, and pop music of your youth, the DSO guarantees some light “Viennese-inspired revelry,” a champagne toast at intermission, and Strauss’ waltzes.

To time travel
’80s NYE Bash | Dec. 31 at South Side Ballroom
Embrace your nostalgia for all the new years you can’t remember and spend the end of 2016 with bands paying tribute to The Cure, The Smiths, Depeche Mode, and more.