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Help So-So Topic Get His Music Back

A hard drive containing years' worth of unreleased music was stolen from the Dallas rapper.
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So-So Topic, who in August became the first Dallas musician to get supported by a grant from the city’s Office of Cultural Affairs, had planned to release his newest album this year.

Now, These Things Will Happen, as the album was being called, will have to happen differently. -Topic was performing at Drugstore Cowboy in late September when a backpack full of electronics, cameras, and a hard drive containing much of the rapper’s unreleased original music was stolen from the Deep Ellum coffee shop-bar. The backpack was later returned, but without its contents.

Losing that much artistic hard work in an instant is devastating — a stolen 2TB hard drive of music as the 21st century equivalent of Hemingway’s suitcase of papers, vanished from a Paris train station. (In more recent history, two years’ worth of music by Future was almost lost when DJ Esco and a hard drive of original material by the Atlanta rapper were locked up in a Dubai jail. That eventually turned out OK for everyone involved.)

An online fundraiser has been launched to help the rapper recover some of what was lost. Per -Topic on the GoFundMe:

I want to raise funds to send in an older drive with an earlier version of the album to TAYLORMARK to be extracted + replace the goods stolen, and pay the people involved.

We don’t want to redo this album, but we will.

The aim is to get the funds by October 30th – we’re already off track, but we’re not gonna super rush things and crash ourselves.


We’ve worked for 3+ years to get here, and the work is still relevant.

I just want the work back. Saving the drive is crucial – a 25% start is better than 0%.

Now, the rewards: once the goal has been met, I plan on holding a gigantic citywide cd release party/concert where the third album, “These Things Will Happen” will be made available for FREE DOWNLOAD, and, as an added thank you to everyone for helping me bounce back, I’ll list every contributor in the credits section. My way of showing appreciation towards the caring hearts supporting the journey.

Be Good, Do Well, and lets get our music back.

A benefit show for -Topic, with performances by Cure For Paranoia, Dezi 5, Buffalo Black, and more, is also set at Trees this Friday, Oct. 14.

Hopefully something good can come from this. If the past is any guide, maybe this will lead to -Topic’s The Old Man and the Sea or his Dirty Sprite 2.


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