The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Photo by Kevin Brown.

Pop Music

New Music Festival Coming to Fort Worth This Spring

One stage will be 'on the reflecting pond' at the Modern Art Museum.

A new music festival will make its debut in the Fort Worth Cultural District this spring.

A name — Fortress Festival — and dates — April 29 and 30 — have been announced, with the promise of a live music lineup and ticket prices to come in the months ahead.

It often seems like North Texas has hit peak festival. For every new festival that proudly earns its fanfare, another slinks off in ignominy.

Fortress Festival, however, comes with an impressive pedigree: Organizers include the folks who helped launch Fort Worth’s Lone Star Film Society, and Margin Walker Presents, the booking outfit that splintered from Transmission Events earlier this year, is handling the artist lineup. These are people who know what they’re doing, and looking at the great lineup for Margin Walker’s upcoming Sound on Sound Festival outside of Austin could give us a good idea of what to expect.

The Fort Worth Cultural District is also absolutely gorgeous. Two stages, one “on the reflecting pond” at the Modern, one at the Will Rogers Memorial Center, will offer plenty of incentive to enjoy it.

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