Big Tex photo by Jason Janik.


Dallas Horror Stories, in Six Words

Brevity is the soul of horror in these terrifying, only-in-Dallas tales.

For Halloween, we came up with 20 only-in-Dallas stories that are sure to petrify and scare you. And because brevity is the soul of wit horror, we decided to tell each of these spine-tingling tales in only six words:

We have to move to Houston.

Real Housewives of Dallas Season Nine.

God: Brunch is cancelled now, forever.

New restaurant opening; no valet parking.

Pecan Lodge has no more brisket.

Take the High Five to LBJ.

Unfortunately, the margarita machine is broken.

Let’s say Concrete Cowboy for drinks.

Selena Gomez performs in Deep Ellum.

It’s time for Texas OU Weekend.

Big Tex blinks. He is awoken.

Thanks for driving the Trinity Tollway.

Six story apartments in Oak Cliff.

Ma’am, every mimosa has a bottom.

All the fried food is people.

For sale: Local newspaper, declining subscribers.

Maybe just one more Calatrava bridge.

World class city desperately seeks validation.

It’s a quarterback controversy in Dallas.

“Call it the Metroplex!” he cackled.

— Stories by Alex Macon, Jason Heid, Ricky Ferrer, Caitlin Clark, and Gable Mansfield

Howdy Halloween. Illustration by Christina Rees.
Howdy Halloween. Illustration by Christina Rees.


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