Shakespeare in the Bar performing As You Like It last spring. Courtesy photo by Zack Huggins.

Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: July 25

How to make the most of The Unbearable Wackness of Monday.

If this morning was a 20th century Czech novel of ideas, it would probably be called The Unbearable Wackness of Monday. This evening, though, should be a little better — More of a Monday of Laughter and Forgetting. Shakespeare in the Bar is going to teach them how to say goodbye at Wild Detectives, Boris is going to shred mightily at Trees, and more.

One last time, Shakespeare in the Bar performs Romeo and Juliet at Wild Detectives. The popular theater series, a sublime combination of drinking and poetry, is going on dreaded hiatus after this evening’s show. Fifty more tickets will be made available to the first people to claim them in person at 5 pm.

Boris is touring in commemoration of the 10th anniversary of Pink, one of the Japanese metal trio’s finest moments. It will almost certainly get loud at Trees.

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