Kinky Boots is hopefully not coming back. Photo by Matthew Murphy.

Guessing the Shows in Dallas Summer Musicals’ 2016-2017 Season

We're definitely getting An American in Paris and The Bodyguard, but what else?

Dallas Summer Musicals has yet to announce its 2016-2017 season, which is always anticipated, but is perhaps even more anticipated this year because of the recent firing of longtime DSM president Michael Jenkins. It’s likely that most of the season was already set before the departure of Jenkins, who has a reputation for booking family-friendly fare at the exclusion of more risque shows. So we wouldn’t expect to see Book of Mormon at the Music Hall at Fair Park anytime soon.

But we can take some educated guesses as to which shows will be included this season. Because for the last several weeks, DSM has been sharing clues about the upcoming season on its YouTube channel. Because it’s Friday and the Tonys are this weekend, we’re in a musical kind of mood, and we’re always in the mood for a mystery. With that in mind, we’re going to work through these YouTube videos to determine what to expect from Dallas Summer Musicals in 2016 and 2017.

This is almost definitely An American in Paris, which is known for its dance numbers. And, per the Dallas Morning News, Jenkins has already said the show would be featured. (DSM also has money in the production.)

We’re ruling out Kinky Boots, which made a DSM appearance not long ago. We agree with the YouTube commenter who suggests Legally Blonde or Fun Home because of the high-heeled silhouette. We’re giving the edge to Legally Blonde, because we suspect Fun Home may be slightly too adult for Jenkins’ conservative tastes.

The guitar-toting “Legend” in silhouette means we’re looking at something based on a real-life rock and roll star. ATTPAC had Jersey Boys just last year, and we don’t usually associate Frankie Valli with a guitar, so we’re going with the Elvis Lives tour.

It’s The Bodyguard.

We’re stumped. The popular guess on social media seems to be Stomp!

No idea.

A magic show of some kind, although your guess is as good as ours as to specifics.

Do The Rockettes carry candy canes?