Bulladora Music Festival Cancelled

Dallas' newest "music experience" has deflated before it could get off the ground.

Dallas’ newest “music experience” has deflated before it could get off the ground. The reason? Mother Nature and the city of Dallas Parks and Recreation Department.

Rainy conditions at Reverchon Park and a gloomy weather forecast led the city to call off the Bulladora Music Festival’s reservation in Oak Lawn this weekend, according to a press release from the festival. Probably for the best — winged pugs and hot air balloons don’t typically fare well in inclement weather, and city parks don’t fare well under a stampede of hundreds of muddy festival-goers.

Get your refunds from wherever you bought your tickets, and go here for more info.

Here’s the release:

All events associated with Bulladora (June 3-5) have officially been canceled. The City of Dallas Park and Recreation Department canceled Bulladora’s reservation of Reverchon Park. The department stated the cancellation was due to recent rainfall and upcoming forecasted rain.

The Bulladora team regrets the necessity for cancellation, but hopes its audience will stay tuned on all social media channels and www.bulladora.com for updates on Bulladora Music Experience 2017 and future events.

All purchased tickets will be refunded from your ticketing source. Additional information will be forthcoming on an FAQ page at www.bulladora.com.