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The Texas Theatre Cracks Open a Mysterious Safe for its 85th Anniversary

Will the Texas Theatre have a Geraldo Rivera moment?
By Bethany Radcliff |

In 1931, Herbert Hoover was president, “The Star Spangled Banner” became the national anthem, and in Dallas, the population was somewhere around 260,000 people. If you want to go back in time for a night, Thursday is your chance. The Texas Theatre in Oak Cliff opened on April 21, 1931, and in celebration of its 85th anniversary, the theater will be turning back the clock.

The Texas Theatre will run the same programming from its opening night back in 1931. Features will include a 16mm Movietone news reel and 16mm Mickey Mouse cartoon, followed my the main feature: the Buster Keaton-starring film, Parlor, Bedroom, & Bath, on 35mm.

But, there’s more—actually, a mystery of sorts. The Texas Theatre has also revealed that it will be cracking open the two inside chambers of a safe that has been at the theater for some time. The combinations to the internal chambers have been lost, and the theater’s owners aren’t sure the last time the safe was opened. A locksmith will be on hand to open the safe for a live audience and on live-stream. It’s rumored that the contents may be old ticket stubs, documents, or maybe even some cold, hard cash. It may be nothing, but either way, you have to admit the prospect of something is intriguing. So put on your best vintage dress, suit and fedora, or whatever you please, and enjoy a fun, history-filled night.

The films begin at 7:30 p.m., followed by the live safe cracking at 9:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased online, and the first 100 tickets will be sold at the opening night’s 35-cent admission fee.


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