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9 Concerts to See in Dallas This Weekend

Dave Rawlings, Sudie and Sam Lao, Curren$y, one-half of Ghostland Observatory, and more.

Until I am persuaded otherwise, I am going to continue to ignore shows occurring in the sorry state of Oklahoma and the den of vice known as WinStar World Casino for the purposes of this weekly round-up. You will have to go elsewhere for your Thackerville, OK, event listings.

There are more than enough concerts to see on this side of the state line. This weekend, it’s the Dave Rawlings Machine, Curren$y, Sudie and Sam Lao, one-half of Ghostland Observatory, and more.

Thursday (01/07)

Orgullo Primitivio, Teen Slut, and Rat Rios | Three Links

Pairing the experimental power drill sound of Orgullo Primitivo and Teen Slut’s electronic freakouts (Nintendo + vocal processor = success) with the retro glow-pop of Rat Rios seems a little counter-intuitive on its face, but these are all great local acts. It’s nice to see some musical diversity on a bill.

Friday (01/08)

Sudie with Sam Lao | Double Wide

Singer-rapper extraordinaire Sam Lao is poised to have a big 2016 (along with these other artists who will have the biggest impact on Dallas culture in the year ahead), and Sudie’s coming off of a remarkable 2015. Here’s a chance to see two local acts at the top of their respective games.


Dave Rawlings Machine | Majestic Theatre

You may know Dave Rawlings as the guy who talks with Ryan Adams about the Morrissey song “Suedehead” on the first track of Adams’ Heartbreaker. Rawlings has spent most of his career out of the spotlight, but his work is all over some of the best albums to come out of Nashville in the past 20 years. Now that he’s leading his own folk and bluegrass act, his natural talent and one-of-a-kind guitar sound should make him a more familiar name to the masses.

The Midnight Stroll | Trees

Ghostland Observatory front man Aaron Behrens is ditching his partner and trading the synthesizers for guitars with The Midnight Stroll, a shambling rock act that is equally well suited to the singer’s distinctive voice.


Club Dada 5 Year Birtheversary with The Rich Girls | Club Dada

We love Club Dada. We like birthdays. We’re pretty cool with Hall and Oates cover bands. We’re on board. Classic Cult and Cliffs of Insanity open, with Son of Stan on the decks.

Saturday (01/09)

Curren$y | Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill

Curren$y quietly had a solid 2015, which was easy to overlook in a year that saw a lot of incredible new hip-hop. The New Orleans rapper is the model of consistency. It may not be the most exciting thing in the world, but it’s surely a reliable good time.


Dove Hunter, Mur, and Hello Lover | Three Links

Sunday (01/10)

Thinking Plague | Kessler Theater

Thinking Plague is progressive music for the cool eggheads.

Legendary Shack Shakers | Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill

It feels fair to call Legendary Shack Shakers revival tent rockabilly, at least in part because the band’s roots can kinda-sorta be traced to a charismatic religious school. As a live act, the band does, in fact, seem to channel some kind of supernatural influence into its rollicking, intense performances.


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