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Things to Do in Dallas

7 Things You Should Do During the Brief Dallas Winter

How to get out during an unpredictable winter day.

Dallas winters are unpredictable, but for those days when the temperature drops, it’s good to have a plan. Here are some wintry things to do in Dallas.

Take your favorite little one ice-skating. Try the Galleria when it’s open, or venture a bit outside of the city. The Allen Community Ice Rink is another solid option for a skate-date.

If you’re cold, run around your house a bit. And while you’re at it, gather up all coats, gloves, hats, mittens, and heavy socks you never wear. Goodwill, Saint Vincent de Paul, The Salvation Army, local churches, or any of these places would love to take them off your hands. You can also gather any canned foods you have lying around and take them down to the North Texas Food Bank. That’ll warm you up from the inside out. Win, win.

Curl up by a fireplace with a warm drink. You can’t go wrong with The Mansion Bar or Three Sheets; their old-English atmospheres will keep you snug as a bug in a rug. If you’re more into the urban vibe, check out Saint Ann downtown or Henry’s Majestic uptown.

If you won’t be heading over to Bourbon Street this year, you can still celebrate Mardi Gras with one of Dallas’ displays of debauchery. The weekend before Fat Tuesday is always a big one in Oak Cliff, which will host a 5K, a Masquerade Ball, and its annual parade in the space of two days. Later on, you can check out The Josh Abbott Band, along with 27 other performers, at Fair Park’s day-long “Mardi Gras Texas Style” on Feb. 20.

If you’re thrown by North Texas’ absurd weather changes (and are personally offended that December’s 70 degree streak didn’t stick around), it’s probably best to stay indoors. The DMA has some great shows continuing through the ostensibly cold season, including Jackson Pollock’s Blind Spots and masterpieces from the Keir Collection of Islamic Art. You could also see a movie. But, now that I think of it, museums and movie theaters are colder than the freezer section of a grocery store, so you should probably bring your coat. And knowing Dallas, it will probably be hot and sunny by the time you head home.

Go to a hockey game. The Stars have loads of home games left, and if watching men pummel each other into plastic walls a few feet from your face doesn’t entertain you, I’m not sure what will.

Go to high tea. You don’t even need a reason—a warm cup of tea is good for you in every way. The Taschen Library at the Joule Hotel is so posh, you’ll have to restrain yourself from speaking with a British accent and calling random strangers “Love”. If you can’t go for tea, at least stop by to see the décor; readers are welcome to the library-slash-bookstore’s shelves and comfy couches.