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35 Denton Lineup Takes Shape with Biz Markie as Headliner

The three-day music festival has got what you need.

Denton’s premier springtime music festival has got what you need, assuming what you need is the news that Biz Markie will perform in North Texas this March. The “Just A Friend” rapper became the biggest name attached to 35 Denton following a second lineup announcement made by the festival this morning.

The Clown Prince of Hip-Hop will be joined by jokey electro outfit Electric Six, Class Actress, and previously announced headliners like Eliot Sumner and Fat Tony when the festival kicks off for its three-day run on March 11. (Passes are $65, and are available here). The rest of the lineup, as it now stands, is filled out mostly by top-notch local acts (AV The Great, Pearl Earl) and a few notable up-and-coming out-of-towners (White Reaper, Tacocat).

If the headliner, whose one song you can name was released in 1989, doesn’t exactly get your blood pumping, fair enough. This is not the 35 Denton that used to land performers like the Flaming Lips, Big Boi, and the Jesus and Mary Chain.

But 35 Denton’s 2015 comeback following a one-year hiatus proved that a scaled-down version of the festival can be just as vital to North Texas. By spotlighting local acts (just look at all the “Denton, TX” in the lineup) and organizing a whole lot of music in the space of three days (the final list of bands should top out close to 100), 35 Denton can still pack a punch, culturally speaking. We certainly had a good time last year. It’s also worth noting that one more lineup announcement is coming.

As in years past, the festival will unfold at an outdoor area near the downtown square, and at venues across town. Hailey’s, may it rest in peace, will not be one of those venues.

One other thing: The folks producing the 35 Denton promo videos (Facebook tells me it’s Shaina Sheaff, Jon T. Collins and ARTLAB3000, Ira and Sue Little, and Tiffany Bailey) deserve all kinds of kudos. The videos, embedded below, feature tiny puppet animals performing on miniature sets of Denton venues. They’re absolutely delightful, and I’d watch several hours of them.



The 35 Denton lineup, as it now stands, is copied below:

Biz Markie (Baltimore, MD), Electric Six (Detroit, MI), Class Actress (NY, NY)
Vaadat Charigim (Tel Aviv, Israel), Hunny (SoCal), Evvy (NY, NY)
Coastgaard (Brooklyn, NY), AV The Great (Denton, TX), The Garden (Orange, CA)
The Demigs (Denton, TX), Parlour Tricks (NY, NY), Black Pussy (Portland, OR)
Chrome Pony   (Nashville, TN), RTB2 (Denton, TX), Otis the Destroyer (Austin, TX)
Calliope Musicals (Austin, TX), Danny Diamonds (Denton, TX), Dirty Dishes (NY, NY)
AMFMS (Annapolis, Maryland), Will Johnson (Austin, TX)
Scott Danbom (Denton, TX) Holly Macve (Yorkshire, UK), Acid Dad (NY, NY)
Big Ups (NY, NY), Bethan (Dallas, TX), Megafauna (Austin, TX)
Ronnie Heart (Austin, TX), Chris Welch (Denton, TX), Hikes (Austin, TX)
Pansy Moon (Denton, TX), Kody Jackson (Denton, TX), Washer (Brooklyn, NY)
My Education (Austin, TX)

Eliot Sumner (London, UK), Fat Tony (Houston, TX), Tacocat (Seattle, WA), White Reaper (Louisville, KY), Sheer Mag (Philadelphia, PA), Purple (Beaumont, TX), Brothertiger (Brooklyn, NY),
What Moon Things (Brooklyn, NY), Dixie Witch (Denton, TX), Mothers (Athens, GA),
Mydolls (Houston, TX), Well Hung Heart (Orange, CA), The Birds of Night (Denton, TX),
Jessie Frye (Denton, TX), Shiny Around the Edges (Denton, TX), Daniel Markham (Denton, TX),
Pearl Earl (Denton, TX), Bad Beats (Denton, TX), GOLDENJOY (Denton, TX),
Hella Zealous (Denton, TX), Wiving (Portland, OR), *~~ (Denton, TX)