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James Franco Is Long Gone, But We’ll Always Have 11/22/63

Parts of the upcoming miniseries were filmed in Dallas.

You may remember when James Franco visited Dallas in October to prevent the assassination of John F. Kennedy and make traffic downtown an absolute nightmare. To recap, the actor was in town generally and Dealey Plaza specifically for the filming of 11/22/63, an upcoming Hulu miniseries adapted from a Stephen King novel about the darkest, most shameful day in this city’s history. Because it’s a Stephen King novel, there’s also time travel, good vs. evil metaphysical mumbo jumbo, and a weak ending to an otherwise entertaining story.

I bring this up because a teaser trailer for the show, which premieres Feb. 15, was released yesterday. It looks pretty good!

I bring that up because watching the YouTube for the teaser led me to the video embedded below, a 12 minute-plus compilation of amateur footage taken in Dealey Plaza when a notorious motorcade sequence was being filmed there earlier this year. It feels like watching 30 versions of the Zapruder film, each shot from a different angle. I found it fascinating, and it’s a little surreal to imagine the JFK assassination occurring in the era of the smart phone. Would there be so many conspiracy theories surrounding the events of that day if someone was taking a selfie on the grassy knoll at 12:30 pm on Nov. 22, 1963?

Credit to one YouTube user Adam Cg for putting the compilation together.