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It’s Christmas in Dallas, or: 3 Reasons You Should Get Off the Internet for the Holidays

Several reasons why you should not be reading this blog right now.

If you are here, do the following: Close the tab, exit your browser, throw your phone and/or computer out the window, and spend some time with your family and friends away from the internet. It’s Christmas. Get off the grid for 24 hours.

But if you really insist on spending some quality time with this blog post, let’s at least make it productive. Here are some things you can do with your family and friends during this fine holiday:

Failing that, you should watch the greatest Christmas movie of all time on the home viewing device of your choice. I believe it’s on Netflix. If you followed my earlier advice and threw your computer out the window, you may need to go retrieve it so that you can watch this masterpiece of comedy and Christmas cheer.

It’s Bad Santa, starring Billy Bob Thornton, the late, great Bernie Mac, and the late, great John Ritter.

Happy holidays, Dallas.