Temples. A brand new band that looks like they came out four decades ago.

Concert Picks for Oct. 8: Temples | Gerard Bendiks | Yeahdef

Take the good with the bad in this evening's shows.

There is a lot of hype surrounding the band Temples, and while they are great at playing dress-up and pretending to live in the 60s, Tame Impala does a better job at making this style seem believable. This music sounds like it was made for a bootcut jeans commercial. I never want to listen to punk rock and metal as much as I do when one of these neo-hippie bands tries to sound like their grandfather’s records. They play at Trees tonight, and doors are at 7 pm.

Gerard Bendiks | Spenser Liszt and his Disciples | The Obscure Dignitaries | The Ben Bohorquez Unit (Crown and Harp): This is a free show with a pretty diverse lineup that includes everything from hip to jazz academics. It should be worth stopping by as you make your way down Lower Greenville to eat an over-priced and somewhat bland popsicle. I love Dallas.

Journalist, DJ, and legendary online music debater Wanz Dover will be playing soul and funk tracks at Off the Record this evening. Music is from 9 pm to 1 am.

Yeahdef will be the guest at “Trillwave” this evening, something I feel like he was born to do.


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    I saw that same photo earlier today in someone’s Instagram feed and the vintage douchiness was almost palpable…