Spencer Kenney of Howler JR. Courtesy of Spencer Kenney.

The Weekend’s Best Concerts: Aug. 8 & 9

Hear it in Dallas tonight: Conventional music in unconventional places; Unconventional music in conventional places.


We’ll go chronologically this time and give you actual advice on how to spend each day of the weekend. First up is Friday, and I would advise you to stop by Record Lounge after work for “Happy Hour Soundtracks.” Last time I was there, the music expert bartender played all of our requests—Sinatra, Cat Stevens, and even Aaron Copland. I highly recommend this place.

Next up is all-ages show at Ash Studios. Members of Howler J.R. will be providing the music, and that group has a new recording called “Oh, Dear.” From what I’ve heard so far, this is very ironed-out pop music that sounds fully realized considering that the band is relatively new. There will also be visual art at the show, which is a common attraction at Ash. Here’s a promo video for the musicians appearing this evening; a clip directed by Christian Vasquez:

Following the DIY show, stop by Three Links in order to catch The West Windows open up for the Life and Times.

Finally, wrap up your evening by heading to Crown and Harp, for the brand-friendly spectacle that is Track Meet. The DJ collective is currently in the midst of their “Angel Fire” monthly and I can assure you they play dance music completely unlike anyone else in town. This event is decidedly not all-ages, and nor should it be. My theoretical kid would be in a lot of trouble if I caught him or her at this. Especially her.

The Devin the Dude show we mistakenly listed as taking place a couple of days ago is also a decent pick.

Matthew and the Arrogant Sea will be making their first appearance at Two Bronze Doors, which is a decidedly different direction for the space. I’m used to hearing noise and very drone-heavy music when I’m here, but this will probably be the most conventional act that has ever played there. Trai bo and Dome Dwellers will be the supporting acts.

Head over to the Crown and Harp (again) for “Doap” with Colly T and Red Sean, following the DIY performance (again). As for dance music at the national level, Roy Davis Jr. at It’ll Do is really worth your time and money.

Mixtape king Young Scooter, will be at Prophet Bar this evening, and he’s just one of a variety of Atlanta rappers who have made the music seem as vital as ever in recent times. Now, here’s hoping that this gentleman will continue to stay out of trouble, as his brushes with the law have kept him from easily being able to tour for stretches at a time.