Colly T, performing at the UTD Art Barn, July 2014. Credit: Andi Harman.

The Weekend’s Best Concerts (Aug. 15—17): “Tropic of Sound” | Prism Cloud | Colly T.

Where everything is happening this weekend; Plus, do outsiders take Texas dance music seriously?


KXT Summer Cut (Gexa Energy Pavilion): We have all the info you need over on FrontBurner, from earlier today.

The Sips | Tall | Dead Mockingbirds (Two Bronze Doors): This is a great venue that has enjoyed an almost impossibly flawless track record, but I have definitely seen less experimental music booked here of late in favor of classic rock-inspired bands. Dead Mockingbirds even have a song with cow bell in it; make of that what you will.

Bludded Head | SUR | Filth | Cerulean Giallo (Macaroni Island): So this is not the world’s best DIY venue, but the booking is pretty decent. Tonight it’s extra decent, as this is a pretty tough lineup mostly of acts who have done a lot of touring this summer. Bludded Head has added Pinkish Black drummer, Jon Teague to what was already a pretty nasty sludge, and his well-documented power behind the kit should only make the band even more effective. No offense about the venue; when it comes to Denton, I just prefer Chapstick Island to Macaroni Island.

Pleasure Principle | Errors of Metabolism | Prism Cloud (Club Dada): This is a pleasant trio of bands, all of which are a little bit in the misfit category of local music. There is some  dark, 80s-inspired music here (Pleasure Principle); instrumental weirdness (Errors of Metabolism); and even some shy-sounding indie pop (Prism Cloud). There is very little ego involved in this show and it’s nice to see and hear.

“Deep Inside” (The Crown and Harp): Colly T is the guest at this house-purist dance night, which only takes place once a month.


Alsace Carcione | Jenny Robinson | Keisha D Hunter | Blaze N Flow (WAAS Gallery): This art show has an all-femal theme, with music to match. Featuring DJs Athena Hernandez, Mama Dew, Night Nurse, and Madame Mims. Hosted by D FrontRow contributor, Vanessa Quilantan.

Unconscious Collective | Drug Mountain | Hex Cult | Baring Teeth  (Taqueria Pedritos): Unconscious Collective has been a force in lyric-free, boundary-toppling music for years now, and they will have a release show on Saturday for their second albumPleistocene Moon, which will be released on the locally-based Tofu Carnage Records. It’s a double-album, which will come as no surprise to anyone whose heard just a single one of the group’s serpentine compositions.

Home by Hovercraft (The Kessler): Home by Hovercraft will have the extremely talented violinist Ginny Mac as the supporting act this evening.

Zhora | Ronnie Heart (Texas Theatre): I was in New York last weekend to see a concert, and while I was there a former local musician asked me what Ronnie Heart’s music sounds, like after I mentioned that he was booked for an event in which I had some involvement. “Exactly like you would expect a lead guitarist’s solo project from a pretty famous to sound like,” I said. Ronnie is quite the showman, and he only stops to take a breath for another over-the-top solo. People love that. Zhora is a more subtle version of what I’ve just described, and these are two artists who have bounced back very well from time in a more glaring spotlight. Gabriel Mendoza will be DJing which is always a plus.

“Tropic of Sound” (Windmill Lounge): “Tropic of Sound” features a willfully laid-back evening of music from DJs Dylan McGraw and Gavin Guthrie. Guthrie also puts out records under the name TX Connect  and his most recent release was reviewed (somewhat dismissively) by the popular dance music site, Resident Advisor. For a taste of what the outside world thinks of Texas dance music, look no further than this particularly rude comment, that was left on the review by commenter “proangelwings”:

making techno in texas

do you just get like guys comin in the club on horses and sh*t just ridin in YEEEHAWWWW f*ckinnn grand ol opery in the club buhhhh f*ckin……… straight up RODEO sh*t in the club. *rednecc voice* HOWDY PADNA thats that CLUB sh*t brehhh iss that CLUB sh*t

There you have it: Nuanced and intelligent discourse in an online comment section, as always. I wish I could show up to the club on a horse. That sure beats another Uber. It helps to remember that as we fight amongst ourselves in this rather small arts community, this is how we are often viewed by the outside world. Remember that next time you get on your own high horse, Dallas.



Nine Inch Nails | Soundgarden (Gexa Energy Pavilion): For more info go here.


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    DJ has a really “vibe” setup

    – traktor box

    – Macbook

    – dope sunnys inside art gallery

    this event looks t~u~r~n~t