Simon Phoenix in performance at Oliver Francis Gallery. Credit: Andi Harman.

Concert Picks for Tuesday, Aug. 19: Lord Byron Video Premiere | Simon Phoenix

Lordy Byron's new video premiere; Simon Phoenix and topic are at Sunset Lounge.

Hope everybody is recovering from what might have been the most blistering night at “Outward Bound Mixtape Sessions” last night at Crown and Harp. Upstairs the Track Meet crew were sending off member Ynfynyt Scroll in celebratory fashion. Late in the evening, the experimental music scene would join them upstairs once Wanz Dover and Stefan Gonzalez were done destroying their instruments for the “vs” battle. The highlight of the evening had to be Nite Shadez, which comprised of members of Filth, Terminator 2 and Vulgar Fashion. The duo collaborated with tapes and samples to create walls of hemorrhaging sound. I heard it was only their fourth-ever performance, even though the group has been together since 2009.

Tuesday’s events: 

Tonight’s best bet is Sundown at Granada, where recently MIA rapper Lord Byron returns from the shadows to premier his newest video. Resident Tuesday night DJ, Blake Ward is cutting ties at Sundown at the end of this month, so it seems the artist is pulling out some interesting stops on his way out. Lord Byron will be playing with a full backing band and the event is free.

Queensryche feat. Geoff Tate | The Voodoos | Supernova Remnant (Trees): Not sure why, but it seems like Trees wades knee-deep in nostalgia far too often. These gigs are rarely empty, meaning there’s a lot of folks around here that need to let go and go local.

Elsewhere tonight is -topic and Simon Phoenix at Sunset Lounge for experimental R&B; the one residency that deserves a larger turnout.