Nite Shadez, performing live at Cassette Store Day, 2013. Credit: Andi Harman.

Concert Picks for Monday, Aug. 18: The Latest on Blue, the Misfit

There's really only one place to be tonight; Plus, some news on Blue, the Misfit's latest video.

An eyebrow-raising bit of music news coming out of Denton: Blue, The Misfit posted yesterday via Instagram that he was shooting a video with Jeremy Biggers of Stem & Thorn for his single, “Alive,” from his album, Child in the Wild. There’s a verse where he references Adrianna Lynn aka Adrenalynn, a Texas-born adult actress who still resides in North Texas and is seen attending art openings from time to time. Blue also let out a sneak peek revealing that the video would in some way feature a cameo from Adrenalynn. The actress is also a professional locally-based tattoo artist.

 Also announced was news on Denton’s Bludded Head’s newest album, Reign in Bludd on the music site, The site streamed the single, “Sh*tsucker Blues” and announced the release of the record for Oct. 8 of this year.
The only thing really going on is tonight’s lineup at Crown and Harp’s “Outward Bound Mixtape Sessions” which includes quite a list of acts: Sleep Sweet,Haultaine III, Junior Wayne, Nite Shadez, and others. DJ Jack (Wanz) Dover is listed as vs in relation to Orgullo Primitivo. No telling if that’s a collaboration.