Lily Taylor, performing live at Two Bronze Doors. Photo by Andi Harman.

Concert Picks for Aug. 14: Gexa | Record Lounge | The Travis Basement

Panel Discussion (CentralTrak): I often call Dallas “Panel City” and this is why. We have public group chats on everything all the time and everyone from the top officials in the city to the guy whose beers you swipe at a party are authorities. Or are they? Tonight’s panel at CentralTrak concerns the ever-healthy DIY phenomenon that swept the nation about 40 years ago, but it’s never exactly been this city’s strong suit. Hence all the talking.

This particular panel is led by FrontRow contributor Lee Escobedo, who will be joined by a solid collection of local artists and musicians, especially Chris “AV” Avant who does extremely well speaking in front of crowds, and whose work I enjoy whether he’s working an audience or playing music. In addition to AV will be experimental musician, Lily Taylor; spoken word poet and DJ, Simon Phoenix; Natalie Vaughan of Lower Greenville house venue, Two Bronze Doors; musician Dustin Cavazos, and finally Art Peña of Ware:Wolf:Haus and Vice Palace.

Speaking of Peña and Two Bronze Doors, I nearly spat out my coffee earlier today when I read this paragraph in the Observer, regarding the two:

In these ways, 2BD [Note: that’s Two Bronze Doors for all of you normos!] is something of a counterpoint to fellow DIY curator Art Peña’s visceral, anywhere-anytime approach. 2BD is no less relevant, mind you. In fact it’s equally essential to our music and arts community. It just falls into the more fey, lit-heavy spectrum of DIY — the Nick Drake or Joni Mitchell to Peña’s Lou Reed.

Yes, you read that correctly: The Dallas Observer thinks that Art Peña is comparable to Lou Reed. Look, I think Art does great work. I’ve enjoyed both his roving music space and his art space. But let’s get a grip here. Lily Taylor will perform following the proceedings, which is definitely a plus.

Wanz Dover will be playing records tonight at Record Lounge, with no genre in mind in particular. That’s from 10 pm to 2 am this evening.

“Fresh Rhymes” is at The Crown and Harp this evening. That includes the following list of performers, with their respective set times:

10:30pm – Kyeyote

10:45pm -Salvajes

11:00pm – Original Soul

11:15pm – Shaquan Bivens

11:30pm – Boonie Love

11:45pm – Anonymous

12:00am – Ni Taylor (Featured Act)

12:15am – Jay Luse

12:35am – Kil’lab

DJ Jay Clipp will provide the music.

Wiz Khalifa is playing Gexa tonight, and you can find all the relevant info on that by going here and here. Tyga, Ty Dolla Sign, and Rich Homie Quan will open.

Even though I was on the panel that gave “the best place to dance” to The Travis, whenever DJ Sober is in charge, I was a little apprehensive about that designation recently. I had not been to the Travis in a while and I felt like a poser. “Maybe I made a mistake,” I thought. Maybe Sober had changed. Then I went last week. Among many other tracks, he played “Tip Toe Wing in my Jawwwdinz,” which is probably the song of the summer. Still got it.