Imagery from Track Meet's "Angelfire" event.

The Weekend’s Best Concerts: “Angelfire” | Rando Fest | Matt Vickers Benefit

A couple of important benefit shows weigh heavily on this week's selections.


I told you earlier today about UTD’s “Night at the Art Barn,” which features DJ Colly T, the band Nite, and an act called Totally Butchered which I don’t know much about. But I have been to the Art Barn for a DJ set and art opening before, and it’s really one of the best places to be if you must cross the north-of-635 threshold. Just go with it. Richardson has plenty of unusual food and curiosities that I doubt many of you have explored.

There is a two-day event honoring the memory of musician Randal “Rando” Watts, who played in the Dallas hardcore act, Society’s Finest. His bandmates will honor him with a reunion show at 11:15 pm at RBC in Deep Ellum this evening. They’ll be joined by Cleric, Kaliya, and Fighting Chance. There will be another benefit tomorrow at the same venue. Strength Among Us will be the reunited act at that event, which starts off at 6:45 pm. Go here for details.

Track Meet will host their “Angelfire” monthly at Crown and Harp, and I just wish this crew would play out more, although I completely understand.


You know who I really miss seeing around town? Matt Vickers. The infinitely enthusiastic show promoter and label head was in a bad car accident three months ago, and has been spending time in hospitals ever since. They’re hosting a show to help with his medical costs at Crown and Harp on Saturday, and the lineup is actually pretty worth your money, on top of the good cause. Def Rain, Eyes, Wings and Many Other Things, Jack Dover, and more will all make appearances. I haven’t always had the best relationship with very hyperbolic music salesmen, but this guy is one of the good ones.

Pinkish Black, The West Windows, and Magnet School will be at Three Links tonight. A stranger once told me that she thought it was “awesome” that I “liked” Pinkish Black on my online dating profile, which was an unexpected compliment to say the least. See, all of this weird music your friends and family hate will get you … absolutely nowhere. Anyway, I just deleted my account.

Dark Rooms | Chambers | The Cush (The Wherehouse) 

True Widow | Mountain of Smoke | Mannequins with Kill Appeal (Texas Theatre)

“Doap” (The Crown and Harp) 


“Vinyl Obsession Sundays” (The Record Lounge): Do yourself a favor and go here if you haven’t yet been. I’m wondering why I’m still typing and not there right now, honestly.