Marissa Nadler. Courtesy of Toutpart Booking.

Concert Picks for July 14: Viator | Marissa Nadler | A New Dustin Cavazos Video

Some news on upcoming releases from Blackstone Rangers and Party Static; A new Dustin Cavazos Video; Marissa Nadler at City Tavern.

After a slew of great art and music shows this weekend, Monday returns. In local news, Party Static and Blackstone Rangers are working on new albums. Party Static has been working at Deep Ellum’s Ferralog studios. The Blackstone Rangers, meanwhile, have been finishing their record at Elmwood Recording, which is located in Oak Cliff. — Lee Escobedo

Speaking of which, Oak Cliff resident, Twitter Casanova, and DJ, InternetTrapGod (otherwise known as Marcus Luera) is now calling himself #bemyfriend. The artist was recently spotted in Dustin Cavazos’ newest video for the track, “All I Been Doing.” The video is a Jose Gomez production and Luera also DJs for Cavazos. You can see it below: — Lee Escobedo


Tonight’s shows—

Marissa Nadler playing City Tavern was discussed on FrontBurner earlier today, and you can read all about that here. — Christopher Mosley

Viator, performing live in Denton, January 2014. Credit: Andi Harman.
Viator, performing live in Denton, January 2014. Credit: Andi Harman.

Crown and Harp’s will be split into “Cool Out” upstairs and “Outward Bound Mixtape Sessions” below. Tonight’s OBMS lineup includes The Tago Magos, who are named after a Can LP, so it’s no surprise that they are a German-inspired, psychedelic band. They’ll be joined by Viator, who combine dark visual imagery with extremely pummeling music. Finally, Bludded Head’s Nevada Hill will play a solo set, which will likely be a little strange, and either incredibly loud and aggravated, or perhaps minimalist and droning. In any case, there is little in-between with this particular artist. — Christopher Mosley