Breakdancing Ronald Reagan. Courtesy of the artist.

The Weekend’s Best Concerts: Record Lounge | Vice Palace | Mighty Fine Arts

The shows that fell through the cracks: A scattered list of random activity happening all around North Texas this weekend.


DJ Mark Ridlen, otherwise known as Mr. Rid will be playing records at Record Lounge this evening. That’s the brand new spot that opened up in the old remains of the Fallout Lounge. Here’s a little story: Last night I went to see Jeff Gibbons and Greg Ruppe’s video piece, ILQNQLQL, at Beefhaus, which is literally next door to Record Lounge. The glowing tropical imagery was perfectly mismatched with the dark avenue where it threw its window-obscured projections. I peered inside the new bar and I saw that they are using nuclear-themed art, slightly similar to what the Fallout Lounge used to have. A pang struck deeply. I couldn’t walk inside, such was the grief over Fallout Lounge. I’m feeling heartsick over one of the bars people used to malign for being too trashy, or just a drug den. Am I getting too sentimental to do this job? I will be back, I promise.

There’s a show at the Congress House in Denton that I probably shouldn’t discuss publicly. But I am, and Land Mammals and O’Rose will perform. That starts at 8 pm.

The “Trillwave” collective has an event in a surprising location tonight. They’ll be at It’ll Do Club at 10 pm tonight. That’s Genova, Trailer Swift, Dubbel A, and Left/Right, who will be opening for Druid Cloak. One of our critics just declared”Trillwave” as one of his favorites in the region.


Peter Simek has already mentioned the VHS Swap that’s taking place at Vice Palace tomorrow, and I wanted to take a second to mention the bands. The local acts include the reliably solid Fungi Girls and Terminator 2, and Austin’s Ordinal Forms and Fogg will round out the bill. The DJs include Wanz Dover and Gabe Mendoza. Ordinal Forms is the electronic solo project of former-area resident, Adam Cahoon, who we interviewed briefly a few weeks ago.

Again, there’s another show at Record Lounge, this time with DJs Gavin Guthrie and Ivan. Fine, I’ll go.

The Unconscious Collective are playing a show at the Mighty Fine Arts Gallery in Oak Cliff. There is also an art show opening at the same location: Andy Don Emmons’ Para Normalities. Mighty Fine Arts is so located at 409A North Tyler.

The “Vinyl Fantasy” monthly will be at Crown and Harp on Saturday, and as the name implies, you can expect nothing but old funk and soul on nothing but wax records.

Two Bronze Doors has a stacked bill featuring Austin’s Breakdancing Ronald Reagan, a long-running and completely ridiculous noise act. Other highlights include Lily Taylor, and Black Taffy, which features Donovan Jones of This Will Destroy You.

There is some sort of spoken word event at City Tavern on Saturday night but details are murky. I’ve read that “late 90s Cash Money” rap tracks will be played as accompaniment.


Finally, there is a show at Andy’s in Denton and it looks like it’s going to be bananas. It’s the furiously complex Cerulean Giallo, along with some of the most notorious web trolling local bands including Problem Dogg and Gay C*m Daddies. Let’s hope this group can behave and not get kicked out of the venue this time.


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