Jazz at the Amsterdam, March 2013. Credit: jason Acton.

Concert Picks for Monday, June 30: Jazz at the Amsterdam | Kenny Withrow | Dorian Rainwater

Just a few reliable weeklies this evening, but at least one of them really mixes it up.

There are no major concerts today, however Dallas'”underground” culture provides its denizens with a diverse, and eclectic array of Monday residencies.  Whereas you might find a single neighborhood with multiple entertainment choices, Lower Greenville’s Crown and Harp is a single venue that provides you with two very different options. Upstairs, long time Dallas record purveyor, Tony Schwa keeps things fairly relaxed with the disco and funk of “Cool Out.”

Downstairs is the relatively new, “Outward Bound Mixtape Series,” curated by avant-jazz musician, Stefan Gonzalez.  This is a hodgepodge of carefully chosen acts that make up a night of everything from noise to dance to hardcore unlike anything else in town. Tonight’s lineup includes Biochimp, Kenny Withrow and Eric Yacula, Orgullo Primitivo, and Dorian Rainwater.

Amsterdam Bar in Expo Park continues their long-running series, and awkwardly named, “Badass Jazz.” You can find more info here, since this was mentioned on FrontBurner today.