William Sarradet. Credit: Andi Harman.

Concert Picks for Monday, June 16: Joshua Westerman | William Sarradet | Mark Ridlen

Tonight's edition of "Outward Bound Mixtape Sessions" at Crown and Harp will feature another diverse group of musicians, including some free jazz and modern composition.

Tonight’s edition of “Outward Bound Mixtape Sessions” at Crown and Harp will feature another diverse group of musicians, including some free jazz and modern composition. Keyboardist Sean Kirkpatrick will open the evening with a solo set, and the ever-busy artist currently performs in both Nervous Curtains, as well as a contributing member of Little Beards. He recently played on the new Swans record, and that highly influential band will be in Dallas on the 26th.

Half Asexual is William Sarradet, who was heavily involved in the lineups at Lower Greenville venue Two Bronze Doors, in their recent run of unique programming. Floating Island features violist Joshua Westerman, whose work can be as hauntingly beautiful as it is droning and hazy. I learned that Westerman also has a tattoo of John Cage’s 4’33”. You have to respect that dedication. Westerman will play following a set by the all-family avant-jazz duo, Yells at Eels. “Cool Out” will be upstairs as well, to provide a smoother, danceable balance to the chaos downstairs.

Mark Ridlen will have his “Vinyl Tap” weekly at Double Wide. I’m not sure if I mentioned how good he was as the DJ for the Morrissey after-party at Strangeways a few weeks ago, but he really was. Section 25’s “Looking from a Hilltop” following a show as good as that is just about the best way to come down.