Concert Picks for Wednesday, May 14: Ledisi | Band of Skulls | Pleasure Principle

Ledisi is at the Majestic, while a Denton band stays truer to their chosen genre's aesthetic than the national acts in town.

Good news out of Denton: One of my favorite local acts, Bukkake Moms recently announced an August east cost tour via their Facebook page. Their upcoming album, jokingly named The Chronic, (Ed Note: Sigh.) should also be finished relatively soon it seems.

I wish the venues on this tour all the best, as whoever was excited to book a band with a name like this either knows what’s up, or gives no damns. Both could apply to Bukkake Moms as well—one of the rawest, strategically repetitive, and willfully grating bands we’ve seen around North Texas in some time. Onto the shows:

We Are Scientists | PAWS (Club Dada): This is a standout bill in terms of its sheer melancholy in an otherwise loud and cantankerous Deep Ellum booking week. The California group has an obvious post-punk and Brian Eno influence (surprise), and the Scottish indie pop act, Paws will open. See more info here, on today’s FrontBurner.

Band of Skulls (Granada): Whether it’s a connected issue or not, the spirit of the Granada has felt the loss of Gavin Mulloy, who was let go a few months back. He’s now at Trees.It seems things have gotten safer and less interesting since his departure.

Band of Skulls isn’t nearly as demonstrative as they sound, opting for contemporary take on bluesy tempos, which has expectedly wide appeal.

Ledisi (The Majestic): This is perhaps the most impressive show of the night, as Ledisi brings her crisp and proud voice to a venue that suits its grandeur. She’s teaming up with frequent collaborator and widely utilized producer, Robert Glasper tonight as well, making this a strong double bill. Come see why the President and First Lady have invited her to perform at the White House on multiple occasions.

Tonight’s DJ events include “Trillwave” at Beauty Bar. The guest this evening is DJ System, along with residents Double A and Trailer Swift.

Other Wednesday events—

“Wardance” at Crown and Harp will actually feature a live band this week. Pleasure Principle is a Denton duo featuring Gina Maio and Kevin Cellar, and they named their band after Gary Numan’s first record, which gives some insight into the somewhat dark and robotic sound they’re going for. They’re also playing a DJ night named after a Killing Joke song, and the only reason I bring it up is because some people claim to be influenced by the aforementioned “post punk” genre, but this crew means it. DJs Keith P and Oliver Sheppard will also be selecting records, and staying true to the art accordingly. — Christopher Mosley

John Fullbright | Chuck Cannon (The Kessler): John Fullbright is said to not really be a folk or Americana artist, since his sound incorporates elements of pop as well, but that may not eliminate those other two genres from his palette entirely.  He tends to be less overwrought than a lot of his contemporaries, and has drawn praise for being a gifted songwriter. The singer’s boyish look makes him appear to be less like a grizzled folksinger, and more like someone who would get duped out of land in There Will Be Blood. Oddly enough, this works in the singer’s favor, if this recent Wall Street Journal progress report is any indication. — Christopher Mosley