Bludded Head, performing live at SXSW 2014. Andi Harman.

Concert Picks for Tuesday, May 13: Homewrecker | Spacebeach | Soundwaves

Dallas pays little mind to the day of the week, as it's a pretty wild-sounding Tuesday.

One of the most unconventional venues in Dallas is Taqueria Pedritos, the small, colorful taco shop off Lower Greenville, that’s quietly been putting on some of the loudest and fiercest shows of the past 10 months.

Between Crown and Harp, Two Bronze Doors, and Pedritos, East Dallas has slowly risen to take up the cause of championing the underground—everything from hardcore to modern composition to dance music of all kinds find a home somewhere here.

Homewrecker (Taqueria Pedritos): Ohio’s Homewrecker brings their nihilistic dread to one of the best small venues in Dallas. The taco shop has somewhat filled the void left by Denton’s Taqueria El Picante after its unceremonious closure last year.

Bludded Head | Prizehog | Spacebeach (Three Links): Here’s a solid line-up at one of the better “new” venues in Deep Ellum. Bludded Head has persevered despite the lineup changes and illness that have troubled the band. The group has a new cassette out on the Sleeping Giant Glossolalia imprint, and they’ve drawn the attention of such respected music enthusiasts as WMFU’s Wm. Berger, out of New Jersey:

“Doom bands come and go, many sounding similar to one another, with the greatest emphasis being placed on how far apart those gut-punch downbeats can be spaced; not so for Bludded Head, who seem in it to write, arrange and execute great songs, several worlds apart from the sameyness that characterizes many of their peers in the genre.”

We agree. Fort Worth’s Spacebeach and Portland’s Prizehog round out this bill of textured sonic ruins and willfully grating noise.

Tonight also serves host to two of the most worthwhile DJ residencies: -topic and Simon Phoenix will present “Soundwaves” at Sunset LoungeBlake Ward is at Sundown at Granada.