The crowd at Christeene, SXSW 2014. Andi Harman.

A Quick Word on this Weekend’s Concerts: May 16—18

"Ex Mus" at CentralTrak; Cutter at the Foundry; Botany at Crown and Harp.

The first thing I saw when I started researching shows this weekend, was a Facebook invite to a large-scale event that had been misspelled. 2.7 thousand people were invited. Proofread before you post, ladies and gentlemen. Good advice for anyone. Including myself. Some quick notes on the weekend:


When is the Fort Worth Rap Music Festival?: The Fort Worth Music festival is pretty self-explanatory and notable for its lack of rap music. People always bemoan the lack of status that Dallas rap has nationally, but what about Fort Worth?

Booking is Better at Dada: Speaking of North Texas rap, I don’t know what’s going on at Club Dada, but the booking seems to be a little better there lately. Tonight’s show is a great example. Tunk, -topic, Blue the Misfit, and even A.Dd+ will be playing a special birthday show, and the cover is only three bucks if you were born in May. The first people get in for free, and it’s only bucks for everyone else. I don’t even see a conspicuous drink sponsor anywhere. Hats off to the organizers; I’m charmed.

Cutter at the Foundry: Dallas band Cutter will open for Austin’s Young Tongue at the Foundry tonight. The thought of seeing that band at this venue is kind of amusing, and I may actually go just for this. I heard that the Panther Robe show didn’t go over too well with some frat types at the Foundry recently. This could be even better. The flier says that from 11 pm to close there will be a “DJ or something.” I found that pretty amusing, and I hope there is.

Botany: The Crown and Harp will host Botany tonight, which is great since I haven’t seen that name on a bill in too long. The always-wonderful Lily Taylor will also perform, and I saw her band Ulnae put on an enveloping and quietly intense show at the Better Block event in Oak Cliff a few weeks ago. Young Pharaohs and Single Lash are on the bill as well. Apparently this is a King Camel show. I can’t keep up with all these booking entities.

Sludge at the Cellar: It’s one thing to call your show “Night of Sludge,” and put on a variety of toxically slow bands on the same bill. But then it’s at a venue called the Cellar. Okay. Uncle. You’re the darkest and slowest and heaviest of them all. Sheesh. Bands include Fogg, Heavy Baby Sea Slugs, Day Waster, and Heretics.


DIY on Lower Greenville: Two Bronze Doors is hosting a show on Saturday; it’s all ages and only five dollars. Bands include The Memories, Fungi Girls, Sealion, and Prism Cloud. Local booking entity (this one I know very well) Dallas Distortion Music organized this event, and I want to give a dedication to DDM’s Matt Vickers, who I miss seeing out and about and even online, following a serious car accident earlier this spring. I miss giving you a hard time, Matt. Please be well. You can donate to Mr. Vickers’ benefit fund by going here.


“Ex Mus” at CentralTrak: The Expo Park artists residency will be turning over a new crop of artists soon, and one hopes that it will be as promising a gang as has been here for the past year, and actually for years before that. Anyone who has kept up with the arts in Dallas over the past decade knows that there is only one CentralTrak worth noting in this city, and it’s still a slight annoyance (perhaps like that of a buzzing gnat over dinner) whenever anyone gets that confused.

Tonight’s show will feature three Texas-inspired works by Brent Farris, Charles Underriner, and Travis Weller. But that’s probably more like the idea of Texas, as opposed to playing country music. “Ex Mus” is CentralTrak’s music series that features modern composition and avant garde music, something that a real city can never have too much of. A five dollar donation is suggested.

Late in the evening, CentralTrak alum Christeene will perform at Double Wide, and get there early, because the insane performance art rap/dance act sold the place out last time.
“Punky Reggae” will be at Single Wide on Saturday, and there won’t be a guest, but nor should there be. The whole aging punk fan who also likes reggae wears me out as a concept, but these gentlemen know what they’re doing, and add enough surprises so that it’s never stale.