The Weekend’s Best Concerts: Apr. 18-20

Son of Stan will perform at Good Records as part of Record Store Day 2014, along with many other local acts.

Here’s a quick rundown of the best shows over this three-day weekend, at least those that weren’t already included elsewhere: |


Tonight, surf guitar icon Dick Dale will be at Trees. I can’t vouch for any of the other people on the bill, but everyone should see Dale at least once.

The DIY space Two Bronze Doors has an event this evening, and the space is located just off Lower Greenville, on Richmond. Mankind Forever is a band from Lucas and though TBD is often an experimental-friendly space, this act is a lot more accessible than most of the experimental fare featured usually featured at the venue. The rest of the bill seems to be much more along the lines of the free-form academic music for which Two Bronze Doors is known. Bellsund has long, extended tracks that stretch into 15-minute territory, and They features Darcy Neal—a cellist and electronics maker who I have never heard or seen in any setting that one would describe as normal. Thank goodness for that.

Taqueria Pedritos has a benefit for the No Thanks Hardcore fest, and the participating bands this evening include Kallohonka, Circle N, Sinevil, and Problem Dogg. I have to be honest: I’m not sure how much money any bill with Problem Dogg on it can raise, but I do have an idea. Make a website where this social media-savvy (or hilariously unsavvy—they purposely misspell the band name on their own website) act can tell a joke in exchange for a Paypal dollar, and I bet they raise a decent amount of online capital. I’ll even donate the first buck.

Wanz Dover may have closed up shop on his “Lost Generation” weekly but it looks like he’s already back at Crown and Harp. This time he is a guest DJ for a night that focuses specifically on house music: “Deep Inside,” with DJ Boxx.

Sir Name and the Janes will be joined by Frauen for another edition of “Behind the Screen” over at Texas Theatre. These are usually a good time, and there’s something delightfully strange about being in a seemingly secret room in a historic movie theater. DJ Hammertimez will be selecting the popular music at this thing, and if you’ve been anywhere in Oak Cliff over the past couple of years especially, you probably already know that’s his specialty.

Other Friday shows—

Trust (Club Dada)

Skeleton Coast/Son of Stan/Ronnie Heart/Bummer Vacation/The Fibs (Lola’s Saloon)


Record Store Day (Good Records): I don’t think I’ve missed this in a number of years, and with good reason. The bands booked are usually indicative of how well or how poor the health of the local music scene seems to be, though sometimes perhaps we’re told a bit too much. I’m not much for the overpriced souvenirs that the collectors use to gouge the true fans on this day, but some of the releases are pretty great. For instance, this Pharmakon cover of Nancy Sinatra’s “Bang Bang” that Sacred Bones is releasing on a compilation called Todo Muere Vol. 4, is not bad at all. As for that aforementioned local music scene, here is your snapshot, as scheduled:

11am Kaela Sinclair
Noon Oil Boom
1pm Foxtrot Uniform
2pm Madison King
3pm Ice Eater
4pm Nervous Curtains
5pm Midlake
6pm Son of Stan
7pm Air Review
8pm Dovetail
9pm Buffalo Black
10pm Pinkish Black
11pm Stardeath & White Dwarfs/Tyson Meade of Chainsaw Kittens
12am Wire Nest

10am-Noon Wanz Dover (Mazinga Phaser/Blixaboy/Black Dotz/Silver Saint)& Gabriel Mendoza (Away From the Numbers/Stoned Soul Saturdays)
2pm Ken Bethea (Old 97’s)
3pm Taz Bentley(Reverend Horton Heat/Burden Brothers/Izzy Stradlin/Hell Texas)
4pm Hammertimez (Good Luck Karaoke)
5pm Danny Balis (The Hardline 1310 The Ticket/ Twilite Lounge)
6pm Steven Barnett (Baboon)
7pm Moody Fuqua (The Crown and Harp/The Push

Mountain of Smoke/Terminator 2/Spacebeach/Bludded Head (Reno’s Chop Shop): I used to think that some of these bands were just hinting at being metal, but were ultimately a little bit too art school for all that. Now they’re at Reno’s Chop Shop, and it’s official: True metal. I wonder if the Reno’s regulars will agree.

Other Saturday events—

Year of the Bear/Igneous Grimm/Eyes, Wings and Many Other Things/Slumberbuzz/Mora Collective (Lola’s Saloon) 

“Punky Reggae Party” (Single Wide): Featuring Ben White and Gabe Mendoza.


Blackie/Ronnie Heart/United Snakes of America/The Black Dotz/Def Rain/-topic, featuring Team from Nowhere (The Crown and Harp): More info is available here.

Strike:”A Live Quadraphonic Score”(Kimbell Art Museum): The live score to this Eisenstein vehicle from 1925 will be provided by the Theater Fire’s James Talambas, a multi-instrumentalist and sound manipulator who runs New Media Recordings. This takes place in the new Renzo Piano-designed pavilion at the Kimbell, in conjunction with the Lone Star Film Society’s Arthouse Fort Worth series. That’s a lot to take in, but it sounds promising.