Wednesday Music Picks: Rich Loren, Vulgar Fashion, Hex Cult, and Nikes

A couple of surprise guests liven up the dance weeklies.

“Wardance” (Crown and Harp): I asked tonight’s “Wardance” guest artist, Rich Loren, to give an overview of what exactly he might be playing in his guest DJ set this evening. He replied that he had not yet nailed down his tracklist, and instead offered a list of artists. Everything from locals such as Pinkish Black and Vulgar Fashion will naturally be represented, especially since Loren has personally released their music via his Handmade Birds record label. He’ll play other non-local artists from his imprint as well, including Theologian, White Ring, and Lycia. Loren also submitted a list of “classics” such as “Tones on Tail, ESG, Bathory,” and the Creatures. That sounds like a good balance between dance and gloom, which is why “Wardance” is one of the best sleeper weeklies in the area. DJ Death Church will also be selecting thematically congruous material.
Also: As always, Paul Slavens will be improvising songs on the spot downstairs, if this sounds a bit too dark for your tastes.

If you want to hear Vulgar Fashion in person, as opposed to just their recordings, a quick drive to Deep Ellum will find the band at Three Links, in addition to Terminator 2 and Hex Cult. Recommended.

“Trillwave” (Beauty Bar): Blatantly suable Austin producer Nikes will be the guest tonight, along with Dallas DJ, Shooknite. Nikes has been an influential figure in the Austin dance scene, which has always been more of an uphill battle than Dallas’s beat-friendly landscape, so for that he should be commended. As a founding member of the 808K collective, the artist brought in a variety of names from the footwork and bass genres to the city. The duo subsequently released an excellent compilation on Fresh Moon Records that included noteworthy acts such as DJ Rashad and FrontRow live alum, Ben Aqua. Take a moment to listen to Nikes’ remix of the Keeper track, “Bad Doctor,” to get an idea of what Beauty Bar will be like this evening. Resident DJs Trailer Swift and Dubble A will also share the bill.

Other Wednesday events—

Leslie & the Ly’s/Dean and the Delilahs/Boone County County Comedy Troupe (Club Dada)

Jon Anderson (The Kessler)



For more to do in Dallas tonight, go here.



Image: Hex Cult in live performance at Dan’s Silverleaf, October 2013. Credit: Andi Harman.