The Weekend’s Best Concerts: Pixies, Best Coast, Spacebeach, and Black Angels

It's a busy, yet hit-or-miss weekend, and we do our best to sort it out.

Friday, February 28

Pixies/Best Coast (South Side Ballroom): As I mentioned on Monday, you may have some difficulties getting through a Pixies performance without Kim Deal. The Pixies themselves certainly will. But there will be large portions of the set list that will still be enjoyable for diehards. They just better not let some fill-in sing “Gigantic” or “Winterlong.” Regardless, many Dallasites would probably pay 45 bucks just to see opening act Best Coast. So why not throw in an amputated Pixies? It could be worse.

“For the Love of Bruce or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying about ASCAP and Love the Boss” (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios): For every Bruce Springsteen song participants cover this evening, one dollar will be put toward a fund either honoring either the Boss himself or a charity of his choice. This is the small Denton bar’s answer to longstanding issues regarding paying fees to ASCAP, a non-profit that acts so predatory that the feds actually had to step in at one point. Springsteen is the focus this evening, due to his wonderfully devil-may-care attitude toward the whole situation.

Dropkick Murphys/Lucero/Skinny Lister (House of Blues): It’s amazing that this show is sold out, but it is. It’s 2014. Let the Dropkick Murphys go.

Black Dutch Sioux/Whiskey River Ramblers/Midwest Tragedy/The Apache 5 (Lola’s): I am listing this mostly because I want to point out that the Whiskey River Ramblers are not to be confused with another local act, Whiskey Folk Ramblers. There just aren’t enough cliches to go around now days. Also, if the bands Black Dutch Sioux and The Apache 5 have actual members of Sioux and Apache descent, then, okay, that’s fine. If not, this is no different from the controversy that certain sports teams have over their mascots. Good luck sorting this out, fellas.

Other Friday events—

“Friday Night Live” (Hailey’s): This is one of two nights in a row in which AV the Great will be hosting the festivities at Hailey’s Club.

Sarah Jaffe/Son of Stan/Ice Eater (Shipping & Receiving): Note that this show is sold out.

Saturday, March 1

The Black Angels/Roky Erickson/Golden Animals (The Granada Theater): I told you all about this vaguely television-related show earlier in the week, and I hate to say it, but it’s all actually made me like the Black Angels just a tad more. I suppose that’s how licensing works: It makes you like a band you weren’t otherwise impressed by, or it makes you loathe the music you once loved. What a peculiar double edge.

Ishi/Home by Hovercraft/Zhora/At Night (Trees): Now, Ishi is taking a big risk here, as the group’s most talented ex-member (Zhora’s Taylor Rea) is will be onstage at some point during the evening, and the audience just might realize what they’ve been missing. That would be like the new version of the aforementioned Pixies sharing a bill with the Breeders. That would be a great show, but are you sure your crowd is ready for a compare and contrast of that magnitude?

Vaden Todd Lewis/Amber Farris/Stephen Beatty (Lola’s): I hate to keep bringing up the Pixies but they’re kind of the big story this weekend. When Spoon first released their “Telephono” album in 1996, they were often compared to the Pixies, however unfairly. The Toadies too made a name for themselves by swiping the band’s melodies, particularly on the song, “Tyler.” You could even say the same for Tripping Daisy’s “I Got a Girl.” All of this just helps to provide some understanding as to why it’s such news when the Pixies come to Texas—they’ve been enormously influential on some of our state’s most popular acts. The Toadies’ Vaden Todd Lewis will be performing solo in this instance, which should help to eliminate some of the obvious stylistic similarities. I’m not sure if that’s a pro or a con, but I know that tried and true Toadies fans will appreciate the intimacy.

Bludded Head/Vaults of Zin/Corporate Park/Public Health (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios): Crawl was originally slated to play this event, but unfortunately had to cancel the scheduled tour, of which this would have been a stop. There is still a wide variety of worthwhile local talent on this bill, which ranges from highly technical prog to outright noise. And, the show is only a dollar.

“Tropic of Sound” (The Windmill Lounge): DJs Dylan T and Gavin G will be playing light yet danceable tracks at one of the most revered bars in the city. I caught this on accident recently and it was a welcome surprise.

Pinkish Black/Mountain of Smoke/Spacebeach (Sunshine Bar): I don’t often list shows in Arlington, but I’ll make an exception for this excellent 817-centric lineup. Make sure to show up early enough to catch Spacebeach; they’re one of the most listenable yet heavy acts in the region.

“Away from the Numbers” (Single Wide): The theme for this evening is 80s and 90s underground music, and really, who doesn’t love that? Selectors include Sam Ramirez, Gabe Mendoza, and the guest for this evening is DJ Nicole.

“Raw & Underground 9” (Hailey’s): It’s a privilege to announce that I will be on the judges’ panel for the freestyle portion of this event, along with Too Fresh Productions’ Joel Salazar, Thrwd Magazine’s Lee Escobedo, W.A.R. Media’s Sa’tori Ananda, and Loaded Lux of AcesClik Music Group. There is a beat battle as well, and the entire event is hosted by AV the Great. I don’t want to say too much more, to avoid any show of bias, but you can read about the show here.

“Glamorama” (Beauty Bar): Tonight’s guest is Chris Paliotta.

“Girl Group Night” (Texas Theatre): Following a presentation of the documentary 20 Feet from Stardom, an appropriately themed evening of classics from the girl group era will be played. DJ Sir Scott Mack will be handling the records.

For Oscar-related events, go here. For other things to do in Dallas this weekend, go here.





Image: Spacebeach, performing at Good Records, September 2013. Credit: Andi Harman.