The Weekend’s Best Concerts: Jan. 31-Feb. 2

The weekend's best shows include Dam-Funk, and a rare screening of early 80s cult film, "Liquid Sky."


Headcleaner/Sobering/Death.Sick.C***/Peasant/Carbon & Water/Half Asexual/Jakkkechan (Two Bronze Doors): The UTD Mercury has a very informative article on this gallery/venue, and you can read that by going here.

Tonight’s lineup is all-noise, and it’s nice to see that not every recent development in the Lower Greenville area is aspiring to be as dull as possible.

Tame… Tame and Quiet/Wirewings/The Fibbs (The Boiled Owl Tavern): Tame… Tame and Quiet were an aggressively tasteful local act from the mid-aughts, and there really hasn’t been another band like them since. Most bands combine their sort of complexity with a roar, while they did the opposite. They were by no means less powerful for it, however. I once saw them make Black Tie Dynasty seem rather unserious when having to follow them.

Delorean (Club Dada): It’s unfortunate that the terrifying story of the Spanish act Delorean’s “virtual kidnapping” in Mexico has overshadowed their music, but that’s just how journalism works; even music journalism.

Night Drive/Mr. Kitty/Nite (Three Links): It’s been a big week for gloomy yet highly danceable music, and tonight provides some of the best examples of said approach. I particularly love that there are two different spellings of “night” with bands on the same lineup, not just that the word is used twice, period.

Skinny Puppy/DJMREX (Granada Theater): Lineup change after lineup change has done nothing to dwindle the cult surrounding Skinny Puppy, a band beloved by industrial fans the world over. Their influence is undeniable, despite their heavy handedness, but that’s partly why they’ve lasted so long.

Other Friday events—

Stymie/Flesh Born/Not Half Bad/Anger House/Litigators (1919 Hemphill)

“Friday Night Live” (Hailey’s): Featuring Spinn Mo, and AV the Great as your hosts.

Update: Shuttle/Spud Crowley/Tresspass/Left/Right (That That): Note—This show has a five dollar admission.


Dam Funk/5-D/Tony Schwa/JT Donaldson (The Crown and Harp): As I explained on Monday, this is basically the show of the week, and you can find more info here.

“Poise” (Two Bronze Doors): In the second night of activity at this aforementioned gallery, local sound manipulators are paired with spoken word artists. That’s often a pretty risky endeavor, but I trust this one more than most. It appears that some of the people controlling the sound (such as Half Asexual’s William Saradet), are a little more interesting than the usual hand percussionists that often play events of this nature.

Baboon/The Black Dotz/Pinkish Black/Cutter (Three Links): I did a double take when I saw Baboon was on a bill taking place in 2014, but it’s true. If one were to draw a family tree of acts that this bill branches, it would be quite involved, but there’s this: In the Early 90s, there was an act called Man Ray, which included Baboon’s Mike Rudnicki, and Wanz Dover, of the Black Dotz. Dover would go on to start the Falkon (with Rudnicki subbing on guitar at one point), and here they are again, sharing a stage about twenty years later. Luckily, tonight’s history lesson will also include at least one up-and-coming act, Cutter, along with Pinkish Black (who have some serious roots themselves).

Frauen/Cerulean Giallo/Jenny Robinson/Air Darla/DJ Clumsy & Shy (The Crown and Harp): For more info on this benefit for Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas, go here.

George Quartz/Tommyboy/Jake Schrock (Texas Theatre): This performance will coincide with an extremely rare showing of Liquid Sky, the early 80s film that was a huge influence on the underground, in terms of both visuals and sound. An appropriately damaged lineup will serve to further this point. Recommended.

Other Saturday shows—

Luis Reyes/Los Pollos Hermanos/WayWard/D1 (Sandaga 813) 

“Away from the Numbers” (Single Wide) 

Disclosure (House of Blues): Note—this show is sold out. 

“Glamorama” (Beauty Bar): With Blake Ward.


“Sunday School” (The Crown and Harp): If you’re nostalgic for hip hop’s alleged “Golden Age,” and really it’s hard not to be, then stop by as Augat, Phooka, and Sissy Ross play hits from the era.

Layzie Bone/Fab Deuce (Hailey’s): More info is available here.






Image: Dam-Funk. Credit: Jimmy Mould.