The Best Concerts To See Tonight If You Can’t See Neko Case

This entry in DMA's jazz series features the genre-stretching, Yells at Eels.

Neko Case at the Granada is sold out tonight, as was mentioned on FrontBurner earlier today. See our comments ahead of the show by going here.

There is a predominantly hardcore event at Muddy Waters this evening. Windmill of Corpses and Pissed Grave specialize in extreme forms of crust music, whether it be deliberate and sludgy (Windmill OC), or faster and more traditionally punk (PG). Ascites is a standout here, since the act is often booked at straight noise shows. The two other bands, Hellwar and Kallohonka, however, are similar in approach to the rest of the doomy/crust punk lineup.

Fort Worth’s Hack and Slashers received a two-page write-up from the Dallas Observer for tonight’s LARP-themed event at Texas Theatre. That’s noteworthy since they are rarely mentioned in the press, though the band has been around for eight years. On some level it’s understandable; their shameless love of role playing games and metal isn’t for everyone. 

Other Thursday Events—

“80s Dance Night” (Hailey’s Club): This biweekly event—and local Thursday night legend—features Yeahdef.

“Vibe” (Beauty Bar): With Colly T.

Gunplay/Fat Pimp/XWulf/Word Life/Accomplice/DJ Xanax (Trees): For more on this show, go here.

At Night/DJ Virus/DJ Per/Anthony Social/Keith P (The Church): The Church is now featuring live music on a semi-regular basis. The early `80s Swiss act, Grauzone, is listed as one of the influences of Thursday’s band, At Night, and I can only hope that the influence is detectable. It’s a good sign, in any case.

“Jazz in the Atrium” (Dallas Museum of Art): This entry in the jazz-specific series at the DMA features the genre-stretching Yells at Eels. Tonight’s lineup will feature an unnamed guitarist as well as their usual trio of trumpet, bass, and drums. The event is from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

“Lost Generation” (The Crown and Harp): Tonight’s all-vinyl event includes Convextion as a guest, which is a big deal in international dance circles.  Come show some appreciation for the fact that you don’t have to fly to Berlin for the pleasure. Even though that sounds like a great idea.




Image: Yells at Eels, in live performance. Credit: Andi Harman.