Parquet Courts to perform on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon This Evening

It's been a phenomenal rise for the band. What seemed like a high concept side project at the time has turned into one of the few newer indie rock acts that critics seem to take seriously.

UPDATE: And here’s the video of Parquet Courts on Jimmy Fallon

Brooklyn’s Parquet Courts, which includes three former North Texas residents, will be making an appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this evening. Which brings me to another question: Is anyone having a watch party? I’m one of those pretentious individuals who doesn’t own a television and I don’t want to watch this on Hulu tomorrow. I want to see it live.

It’s been a phenomenal rise for the band since I first mentioned them here in June of 2011 (though I mean no connection whatsoever in that statement). What seemed like a high concept side project at the time has turned into one of the few newer indie rock acts that critics seem to take seriously, that is when said critics aren’t writing think-pieces about radio pop. Of course, Denton musicians making waves in New York has been something to which we’re becoming  increasingly accustomed, but it’s always uniquely encouraging, every time.

If you haven’t read the Rolling Stone interview where “unprincipled musician,” Stephen Malkmus mentions Parquet Courts, a band he obviously influenced, do so by going here. It’s an illuminating Q&A, where Malkmus shows much more kindness and restraint than Mark E. Smith did in The Wire when he made a reference to Pavement, a band he obviously influenced at the height of their popularity in 1996: “They haven’t got an original idea in their heads.” That still stings just to read.

Tonight’s events: 

Tiffany (Vista Ridge Mall): Can you imagine Ariana Grande performing in the ruins of Willow Bend Mall 30 years from now? I hope that never happens, but I wish I were watching this performance take place, as it is currently in progress.

Mourning Cloak/Mountain of Smoke/Maldevera (Taqueria Pedritos): I spent a good portion of the day listening to Mourning Cloak, and it was very enjoyable, in that I thought I was over that ambient room sound technique that so many heavy bands utilize. But they nailed it; that somewhat terrifying and lingering echo between hits that comes off like the silence between a butcher cleaving a slab of meat. Did I sell that to you?

Nervous Curtains (The Common Table): The Common Table always seems like an odd choice for Nervous Curtains to play their paranoid and willfully crooked style of synth music, but perhaps lead singer Sean Kirkpatrick is entering his “Bryan Ferry solo” phase. Speaking of which, the man himself is playing Coachella. I found that even more odd, but actually great news. Not sure why a bunch of party-goers would want to watch a right wing lounge singer perform jazz standards in the desert, but perhaps that makes perfect sense.

“Fresh Rhymes” (The Crown and Harp): Jay Clipp will provide the beats for a sizable list of MCs at this monthly hip hop showcase, and I want to take a moment to praise the event organizer for tonight’s event. The Holidays are a pretty bleak time for live music, and yet, Too Fresh Productions came through with a show that singlehandedly saved the mostly quiet, two-week break. Though I did praise the booking preemptively, Peanut Butter Wolf’s performance on the Friday after Christmas was everything I thought it would be.

Here is a list of tonight’s “Fresh Rhymes” performers:

10:20pm – X-Calibur
10:40pm – Lejend
11:00pm – The Anthm
11:20pm – X.E.L. OHH
11:40pm – King G.I.
12:00am – Ni Taylor
12:20am – All Day

Other Thursday Events—

Upstairs at the aforementioned Crown and Harp, will be “Lost Generation.” It will be vinyl-only, and include veteran DJs, Mr. Rid, and Gabe Mendoza, in addition to Wanz Dover.

Other Thursday events—

“80s Night” (Hailey’s): Featuring Yeah Def.

“Vibe” (Beauty Bar): Tonight’s guest is Left/Right.