Your Weekend Concert Picks: Pleasant Grove | Night Court | Nervous Curtains

A group of "despondent" acts have been gathered together for a Friday a 13th-themed event. Plus, Erykah Badu news, a worthy benefit, and more.

A couple of notes before we get started: Now that Beyonce quietly caused an explosion in the mainstream news cycle of the past 24 hours by releasing an album (with accompanying videos), how many people who turned in their year-end lists early are kicking themselves right now? I’ve often contended that many of these often middling lists are strategically created for the purpose of generating hits by basically choosing the most popular records that year. This is a dream album for sites and writers who conduct their lists in that fashion. But in Beyonce’s case, she’s a critical darling as well, so some individuals probably feel as though they have legitimate unfinished business.

It’s been a huge week for fashion in Dallas, and this can only add to the hysteria: Erykah Badu has been hired as Givenchy’s flagship model for Spring 2014. All of this should only make this already proud fashion hub that much prouder.

The Weekend’s Events—


“Cliff’s Notes” (Ten Bells Tavern): I’ve long admired DJ Sista Whitenoise’s lack of pretense, and the veteran DJ has been heard everywhere from local radio to runway shows. She currently hosts Deep Elluminati on Thursdays from 9 pm to 11 pm, and you can find more information here.

Chanel Bracy (Life In Deep Ellum): I’ve expressed my appreciation for Chanel Bracy’s drumming ability in the recent past, and you should take this opportunity to see her if you have yet to do so. Yes, the event is 20 dollars, but you can afford it, Dallas.

DJ George Quartz (Beefhaus, located at 833 Exposition Ave in Dallas): Mr. Quartz will be playing what I assume will be slightly more tasteful selections for the crowd than he’s used to, for those attending the release party for the fourth issue of semigloss.. This is an assumption of course, but if I hear any Glenn Frey, you just might see a table get overturned at the art show.

Artist and musician Pierre Bürger will also have a solo exhibition premiering at the same venue this evening as well. You can hear more about the new future-themed issue of semigloss. in this Anne Bothwell story for KERA’s Art and Seek. Peter Simek has more visual art-specific information here.

Nervous Curtains/New Fumes/Visceral Cuts/Grandma (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios): A group of “despondent” acts have been gathered together for this Friday the 13th-themed event, and not only did that make for a surprisingly good lineup, I also just noticed that one of the bands has named itself “Grandma.” That made my day.

PVC Street Gang/Chloes/Drug Animal (The Crown and Harp): In keeping with this theme of the last Friday the 13th before the year ends, a gang of rock acts are also taking advantage of this “second Halloween.”

Upstairs at Crown and Harp this evening, will be the regional hip hop monthly, “Fresh Rhymes.” Tonight’s scheduled lineup is as follows:

10:30pm – JLD
10:50pm – TayVon
11:10pm – KPD
11:30pm – SFS Souf
11:50pm – VA Tha Gray
12:10am – J. Catalyst

Mga Czar will be the headliner, and appear at 12:30 am. MC Leo J will host, as always.

“Disco Mystics” (The Outpost, located at 1115 N Beckley in Oak Cliff): This is the newest weekly combining a couple of familiar faces: Gabe Mendoza and the aforemetioned, George Quartz. Unsurprisingly, this is also Friday the 13th-related. You can catch these two the next night, but at The Foundry, instead.

Track Meet (The Travis Basement): I’ve been a little perturbed that Ynfynyt Scroll has not rerouted his now-defunct “Turn Up” weekly at an alternate venue since it ceased to be at Beauty Bar, but this rare appearance by his collective will do for now. Let’s hope we see this trio appearing regularly either here or elsewhere soon.

Other Notable Friday events—

Boxcar Bandits (Sweetwater)


Pleasant Grove/Will Johnson/Myopic/Panther Robe (Club Dada): It’s extremely unfortunate to have to alert the public to another event of this nature, but this is a benefit for the musician, Curtis Heath, who is struggling with piling medical bills due to a bout with cancer. His group the Theater Fire, was one of the most respected acts of the era in which they were most active, especially in the late aughts.

Though the name draw here lies on the shoulders of both Pleasant Grove and Centro-matic’s Will Johnson, show up early and see Myopic, and Panther Robe. Most of the bands here have shared members, but these two are on the more unconventional end of the composition spectrum.

Silver Saint/TX Connect/S. English (The Crown and Harp): Speaking of unconventional composition, this is one of two shows in Dallas on Saturday that will include a variety of some of the more extreme tinkerers, beat-makers, and screamers from the region. This show resides squarely on the electronic end of that spectrum, and it should be noted that this is the first live performance from Corporate Park’s S. English as a solo artist.

Eat Avery’s Bones/Bukkake Moms/Orgullo Primitivo/Night Court (City Tavern): This is the second of the two fairly wild options you have for Saturday, and I wholeheartedly recommend stopping by Dada, City Tavern, and Dada all in the same evening if you can swing it. This is especially noteworthy for the fact that you can’t always catch Austin’s Night Court in Dallas, or even the viciousness of Orgullo Primitivo in our own downtown.

Tony Schwa (The Standard Pour): Mr. Schwa has a new weekly that will see him taking his trio of “funk, soul, [and] boogie” to the Standard Pour, so look out for an improved ambient setting on this one particular slice of Uptown.

Other worthwhile Saturday events—

Glamorama (Beauty Bar)


Liquor Store/Video/Fogg/Glow God (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios): While Liquor Store may have had a lot of national attention over the past couple of years, the return of Video might be what will bring out the lovable troublemakers of Denton this evening. Where have they been?

Photo: George Quartz (Credit: Andi Harman)