The Local Hip Hop Act You Have to See Live

I first caught Chanel Bracy at Index Fest a couple of months ago, and I was blown away by the band.

Music Picks for Wednesday, December 5:

“Fresh Cuts” (The Crown and Harp): Tonight’s guests at this semi-regular turntable event are DJs Assassinate, Spiderman, Tums, Centrifik, and Uno. Leo J will be your host as always.

Upstairs at Crown and Harp: The “Cratediggers” [ED NOTE: CANCELED] monthly has an all-vinyl theme with three of the most fanatic record collectors in Dallas: Mark Ridlen, and Gabriel Mendoza, and Wanz Dover.

“Y2K” (Hailey’s): Yeahdef is perhaps the first local DJ who is brave enough to tackle the early aughts. It’s not exactly a surprise, considering he was the first man on the scene with the 1990s. Though that’s asterisked with perhaps some consideration for the golden age hip hop nights in Denton, but that was already over a decade ago.

Chanel Bracy (Life in Deep Ellum): I first caught Chanel Bracy as part of AV the Great’s backing band at Index Fest a couple of months ago, and I was blown away by the band overall. But it was Bracy’s drum work in particular that helped the live hip hop set stand apart from a lot of other similar bands I’ve seen. Pulling live hip hop off with band in tow is not easy, and Bracy made it happen with forceful percussive confidence.

Blackstone Rangers/Netherfriends/Power Objects/Ghostshark (Macaroni Island): Just today, Chicago’s WBEZ posted an article regarding the timeless, yet always-evolving discussion concerning “selling out” in the music industry. Along with opinions from the Coathangers, Japanther, and more, they also asked Dallas’s own Blackstone Rangers. It’s worth a read and there are some very insightful answers. The group seems to have a better handle on the issue than I would expect from many local acts who value success over just about everything else, including band names and album art.

Captain Chaos/Not Half Bad/Half Truths/Christian Medrano (1919 Hemphill): I feel for anyone having to lug equipment up those stairs, especially Captain Chaos, who is here all the way from Bloomington, Indiana. In that case, this weather might seem like a joke to them.

Other Thursday Shows—

The Satans of Soft Rock/Old Warhorse/Daniel Markham (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios) 

“Vibe” (Beauty Bar): Tonight’s Guest is DJ Boxx, along with resident, Colly T.

Oddlot/Vicious Firs/Casa Magnetica/DJ Jukebox Mafia (Club Dada)