An Easier Way to Consume Your Culture: 7 Arts Organizations Launch the ‘DPASS’

When the AT&T Performing Arts Center launched way back in 2009, the future it promised was full of artistic incubation, streamlined processes, integrated marketing, and other initiatives that could help grow audiences, promote a range of organizations, and generally work to stitch the city into one big, happy art and culture family. Since then, though, the organization has largely been focused on getting its own operations down, working through a string of CEOs, and figuring out just what its identity as an institution is in this city.

It took  four years, but here’s a new development in line with the original vision. This morning the AT&T Performing Arts Center, as well as six other local art organizations, announced a new cross-promotional devise, the DPASS. Short for the Dallas Performing Arts Sampler Series, the new package ticket offer will allow people the ability to buy one ticket that includes admission to three performances from any of seven different art organizations, including the ATTPAC, Dallas Symphony, Dallas Theater Center, The Dallas Opera, Dallas Black Dance Theater, Dallas Summer Musicals, and TITAS. It’s a smart idea, seemingly aimed at targeting that casual performing arts audience member who is all-important for the survival of performing arts organizations. Most people see the Arts District as a single organization with a variety of cultural offerings, not a collection of silos each competing for their own patrons, and now they can buy a ticket that reflects that perception.

The DPASS goes on sale today, and here are the seven productions eligible for the deal. It may sound like a little thing, but the DPASS is the Arts District doing the kind of thing for audience development that the development of the AT&T Performing Arts Center promised.