Concert Picks for Tuesday, Nov. 26: Drug Animal, “Musk,” and High On Fire

We’ve been light on posting for the past two days due to a couple of us working on a story that required a little bit of traveling outside of Dallas. We’ll have much more for you soon, including a complete redesign of the website that rolls out this week. So, look out for that mobile device-friendly edition in the coming days.

For the scant art shows this week go here.

And now, a brief note on your Tuesday evening:

Drug Animal/Blake Ward (Sundown at Granada): This is a DJ night featuring live music, but usually the band is a little electronic or at the very least makes danceable music of the electronic variety. Drug Animal is quite a standout because they are perhaps the most straight-ahead rock group I’ve heard in Dallas in some time. I’m not much for the Rolling Stones-isms of throwback sound of this sort, but this is more convincing than much of what you hear from other local acts milking the same genre.

Other Tuesday shows—

High On Fire/Kvelertak/Pack of Wolves (Trees) 

“Musk” (Ten Bells Tavern): Featuring George Quartz and his “TV Turntables” … use your imagination.