Concert Picks for Tuesday, Nov. 19: Night Beats, The Ones You Loved, and Paul Henry North’s New Song

It’s been a moment or two since I last heard from Paul Henry North, otherwise known as Sunnybrook. He just passed along this new track today, which is entitled, “So Sweet.” A quick listen reveals beats that are a little busier than what I remember from North in the past, with a very memorable chorus. The song’s refrain is “So sweet/I really want to buy you a ring.” Don’t do it, Paul!  North recommends a follow-up listen to “Bird in Blue,” which he released about four months ago. You can hear that and more from the artist by going here.

Tuesday’s shows—

Night Beats/Starma/Eyes, Wings and Many Other Things (Double Wide): Night Beats have created a body of work featuring some of the most competent and color-in-the-lines garage rock I’ve ever heard. I don’t know if that qualifies as an endorsement exactly.

My advice to you is to show up early for the Oxford comma hating Eyes, Wings and Many Other Things because they are actually as psychedelic as they suggest, whereas most of the “garage psych” bands who abuse the term sound like a Sam the Sham tribute act playing through digital equipment at the State Fair.

Update: It appears that Dead Mockingbirds will be opening the show instead of Eyes, Wings and Many Other Things.

“The Showdown” (Sundown at Granada): Tonight’s guests are DJ Trademarx and a self-described “indietronic” band called The Ones You Loved. I’m listening to their track, “Apogee,” and wow, this is poppy. It sounds like something I would try to frantically Shazam while waiting for my hair to dry at the salon.

The group has an almost eerie positivity to their music and I’m trying to decipher the message. Here is their mission statement, which is listed on their Facebook page’s biography section:

Dear friend,

We are a Dallas based Indietronic band called The Ones You Loved.

All we want to do is make music and try to spread some hope along the way.

Music is one of the most powerful conveyors of ideas… with it; we intend to share the compassion we feel for all people as unique and gifted individuals. Be yourself, believe in who you are and trust in the things you know to be true.

We know exactly what it feels like to be different and that is why we respect everyone, from all walks of life. Please help us promote equality and ensure a brighter future by simply loving one another. What you do now is so important to who you will be tomorrow.

You are such an integral part of this world that we all share.

Thank you for your precious time.
We care about you so much.

(70% of the proceeds generated by The Siren, The Spectre are donated directly to St. Jude’s Childrens Hospital)


Now a band donating such an enormous chunk of their album sales is pretty remarkable. According to their product page, it is listed at 100 percent. The group has multiple “sponsors” including Peta 2, a t-shirt company, and a small photography studio among others. I’m so confused. Is this a band or a large charity organization? If they are as giving as they seem to be, then all the respect in the world. Selflessness is not exactly a common theme in pop music.

“Musk” (Ten Bells Tavern): The always reliable George Quartz will be playing songs you will sometimes hate yourself for enjoying, but a Kronenbourg or dark-colored liquor helps to dull that aesthetic pain I’ve noticed.



Photo: Eyes, Wings and Many Other Things performing at Bryan Street Tavern, 2013. Credit: Andi Harman.