Concert Picks for Tuesday, Nov. 12: George Quartz Shares 6 Must-Play Tracks from his DJ Set

Don’t you just love numbered lists? Especially after a large-scale event like a music festival? I always picture an editor—either a fashionable Vreeland-esque dictator, or perhaps an enraged J. Jonah Jameson—shouting into a landline: “Get me 25 GD things about why this Austin Festival was the most life-changing experience ever, and I don’t care if you’ve already seen all these bands!” Is that how those assignments work?

I know I share a daily list of shows, but there is something about numbered items that I sometimes find to be a little demoralizing. That being said, here are six songs that George Quartz feels obliged to play at his Tuesday “Musk” weekly:


1. I’m hesitant to post this first number, which the DJ says he uses to kick off his sets. Perhaps it’s to separate the lifers from the posers, but he’s really pushing it here. It’s “You Belong to the City” by Glenn Frey: 

2. “Uptown Top Ranking” — Althea and Donna: 

3. “Heaven” — The Rolling Stones: 

4. “Trouble” — Lindsey Buckingham: 

5. “Camillo” — Supermax:

6. Finally, Quartz says he almost always ends the night with Chromatics’ take on “Into the Black.” To see some of Andi Harman’s definitive shots of the band, go here. Quartz says he actually plays the following video rather than an MP3 or a slab of vinyl:

George Quartz will likely be playing the above tracks and more at Ten Bells this evening, with music at 8 pm. This is one of my favorite places to spend a frigid evening, so it sounds perfect. The low tonight is a downright nasty 28 degrees.

There are a few other quality events in the area tonight, and I would recommend any of them if you’re in close enough proximity, or you don’t feel like crossing the river or driving an hour to watch a DJ set. They include a noise show in a Denton house, a healthy mix of doom and improv music at Rubber Gloves, and finally, a set by the always engaging Diamond Age in the unlikely confines of Sundown at Granada:

Diamond Age/Michael Nazerian/Blake Ward (Sundown at Granada) 

Samothrace/Kallohonka/Unconscious Collective/Cerulean Giallo (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio)

Sobering/BRR/Dromez/Ulnae/Filth/Headcleaner (Moncayo House, in Denton) 


Photo: Cerulean Giallo, performing at Free Week 2013. Credit: Andi Harman.