Concert Picks for Thursday, Nov. 14: Of Montreal, Portugal. The Man, and Macaroni Island

A quick note about Thursday’s shows before you head out this evening: You could go see Portugal. The Man at the Granada, assuming you handled your RSVP correctly. There are no ins-and-outs, and man, I hate that.

On equal footing with that pop-friendly event is Of Montreal, who will appear at Trees. Dark Rooms will be the opening act, filling in for La Luz.

There’s a house show at Macaroni Island in Denton, which features Ghostshark, Buy One Get One Free, Big Waves of Pretty, and Kevin Greenspon. There’s also a band called Our Lady. Watch it with that name there, ladies and gents.

“Hip Hop Karaoke” (The Crown and Harp): DJ Mike B and MC Leo J will be handling this rare hip hop-themed karaoke event.

Also, if you stop by, remember that “Lost Generation” is also here tonight, with Vector Vision as the guest artist. VV goes on at midnight.

Other Thursday shows—

Jeff Whittington (The Lake House)

“Vibe” (Beauty Bar): Tonight’s guest DJ is Willgood.


Photo: Of Montreal, performing at Granada Theater, 2010. Credit: Andi Harman.