Concert Picks for Monday, Nov. 4: Paul Slavens | Cool Out | Thoughts on Rock Lottery 12

As I mentioned last week, I don’t want to say too much about Rock Lottery 12, since I was asked to perform in the charity event.  As much I would love to gush about it, pore over every detail, and post Andi Harman’s always-excellent photos, it would just be a little too meta. However, if another publication would like to pay us for our take, we have some very competitive rates.

You can read two different reviews, here and here.

I will take a moment to again mention a performer who keeps surprising me every time I see him, however. It’s Denton rapper and K104 personality, Chris “AV” Cole, who performed in the band-for-a-day, The Trill. I simply do not understand how the artist can go from one nonstop rap flow to covering The Temptations with equal amounts of accuracy and passion. I’m forever grateful that I had to perform before him and not after.

While we’re on the subject, I want to mention a musician who has not participated in Rock Lottery, but should: I would like to give a soft public nomination to Alex Atchley, who has played in many bands over the years such as Naxat, Bad Times, and the Hack and Slashers. His brand new band is called Blank-Men, a project he started with local actor, Sam Swanson, who M. Lance Lusk recently mentioned in a review of Assassins at Theatre Three.

It’s along the same lines of the jittery nerd feel of some of Atchley’s past work, with the same meticulous playing and attention to every spidery little guitar and synth line. You can listen to a track called “Beware” by going here. Atchley says that the group is hoping to have a full demo and year’s end, and ready to debut live in January 2014.

Tonight’s shows—

Paul Slavens (Dan’s Silver Leaf): Master improvisationalist Paul Slavens will be at Dan’s every Monday during the month of November, and that has me wondering about another residency. Now that ownership has changed at Hailey’s, where will Boxcar Bandits be performing on Mondays? I’ll let you know as soon as I find out.

Tonight’s Vinyl-oriented DJ shows—

“The Vinyl Frontier” (Foundry Bar): Featuring DJs, Johnny Tight Pants, and Mugsy.

“Cool Out” (The Crown and Harp)

“Vinyl Tap” (Double Wide)

Photo: Sashenka Lopez, performing at Rock Lottery 12, 2013. Credit: Andi Harman.