This Weekend’s Best Concerts: 1919 Hemphill B-Day | THRWD Bash | Hormones Farewell BBQ

This weekend’s shows—


“1919 Hemphill 11th Birthday” (1919 Hemphill): The DIY space celebrates eleven remarkably unlikely years for the first of two nights with the following predominantly hardcore and metal lineup—

The Sentence
Big Fiction
Pulled Under
Pissed Grave
Night Crimes

The event begins at 7 pm.

Fogg/Just Another Consumer/Bitch Teeth/Left Over Action (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios): The aforementioned Mike Forbes will be performing in this free jazz lineup, which also includes drummer Beth Dodds, of Bukkake Moms, and guitarist Justin Lemons of Geistheistler and Drink to Victory.

“The Gospel of the Mouth Saint” (The Labb): This is an “encore show” and will include Tony FerraroSkagg PhilipsCory P. ColemanHI Jr., and Walker Smart who will lead the Mouth Saint Orchestra. The event is free.

“Nu Groove” (Sandaga 813): Though Sandaga has hosted all kinds of events, house is alive and well in this space, which has become so connected to the style. This monthly only furthers that point, and guests include Chicago’s Dorian DuPree, New York resident Sensio, Jay Clipp, Frances Jaye, and Brent Bradford.

Pusha T (Monroe Lounge): I wish I had known about this one with a bit more notice. Former Clipse member Pusha T will be playing a release party for his new record, My Name is My Name. That just so happens to be my favorite television quote of all time, but I’m sick of people talking about TV as if it were invented yesterday, so I will spare you further explanation. Pusha played a not insignificant role in the success of Yeezus earlier this year, and I look forward to hearing more of this soon.

“Pozo Disco” (Pozo Mercado): Blake Ward’s guest this evening is Neo Safari, a favorite of the busy artist.

“Funkology” (The Crown and Harp): Featuring Tape Mastah Steph and Buddha Fingers, as always. Keep in mind that this is upstairs, while SafeWord, Loafers, and Un Chien will be the live acts appearing downstairs.

Other Friday Shows—

Jack Oblivian/War Party/Casa Magnetica/Doom Ghost (The Wherehouse)

Boxcar Bandits (Bryan St. Tavern)

The Eagles (American Airlines Center)

Toro Y Moi/Classixx (House Of Blues)

Wavves/King Tuff/Jacuzzi Boys (The Door)

The National/Tame Impala (South Side Ballroom): This event is sold out.

Starf*cker/Chrome Sparks/Feelings (Trees)


-topic/Fungi Girls/Dustin Cavazos/George Quartz/Pierre Bürger/Def Rain/Jenny Robinson (Ware:wolf:haus, located at 425 Bedford, in Dallas): This particularly strong lineup is celebrating one year of local publication THRWD, and I expected no less of a solid curatorial effort from those behind the magazine. Congratulations, everyone. Please stick around. This city needs a better balance between salespersons and those actually looking to enrich our lives. Whether or not you’re successful in the struggle is beside the point, it merely helps to have someone who cares about the difference between those two, quite different things. Alcohol is free for those 21 and up, but you only have to be 18 to get in.

1919 11th Birthday (1919 Hemphill): The second night is decidedly less harsh and includes the following varied list of acts:

New Science Projects
Two Knights
Not Half Bad
Half Truths
Anger House
Genius Party
I’m Clark Kent

“Hormones Farewell BBQ” (Club Dada): Keep in mind that though this event is sprawling, having bands play both in- and outdoors should theoretically cut down on the logistical issues, we hope. Schedule and details as follows:

5-5:45pm Street Arabs
7-7:45pm Spook Easy
9-9:45pm Sealion
11-11:45pm Hormones

4:00-4:45pm Deadmoon Choir
6:00-6:45pm The Phuss
8:00-8:45pm PVC Street Gang
10:00-10:45pm Bad Design
12:00-12:45pm Here Holy Spain

Gavin Guthrie/Tommyboy/Brian Bishop/DJ G (B4):

This solid collection of DJs are billing themselves as The Electric Workers, and you are encouraged to shop through B4’s extensive selection of records during the proceedings.

Tidals/Linear B/Bruce Hacked (Congress House): Tidals includes members of the still-missed Chimeneas, which is enough to sell me on this show.

Migos (Club Onyx): It’s rare that I would list a show at a strip club, but this is warranted.


Nicoffeine/Spacebeach/New Science Projects/Cerulean Giallo/Naxat (1919 Hemphill): Spacebeach really blew me away when I caught them on Cassette Store Day, and I recommend seeing them if you have not yet had the chance. They were much heavier and less psychedelic than I was expecting. Also, I heard that the organizers of this show are looking for an appropriate place to host an after-party. Can you help them out?

 Photo: Fungi Girls (Andi Harman)