Concert Picks for Thursday, Oct. 3: Rania Khoury, Ralph White, and Two Rules for DJs

“Fresh Cuts” (Crown and Harp): In contrast to the last “Fresh Cuts” which featured an unthinkably large selection of DJs, this pared-down evening will feature two noteworthy Dallas turntablists, Tape Mastah Steph and Buddha Fingers. Leo J will host.

Foxtrot Uniform/Goodnight Ned/The Birds of Night/The Venetian Sailors/DJ Mr. Rid (Club Dada): The plainly named booking co-op, the Artist Collective, is celebrating a year of being in business with cakepops and a lineup that includes some of their favorite clients. Mr. Rid will be playing records throughout the night, so you can feel confident in the strength and breadth of those selections if the live music isn’t doing it for you.

Richard Buckner/Brent Best/Ralph White (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios): This is one of the better-balanced all-singer songwriter bills I’ve ever seen, since Ralph White’s way around the genre is as gently meandering and strange as Richard Buckner is low-registered and downtrodden. Brent Best is somewhere in between, though his songs are the most hummable of this respectable bunch.

Anthony Social/Keith P/DJ Per/DJ Virus (The Church): I ran into DJ Anthony Social in a tiny Austin record shop the day after Death In June played their lone Texas show last month, and we had a polite conversation. I was shopping for furniture and he was seeing the notoriously controversial act. On the pensive ride home, I got to thinking that the following two rules are always the mark of a great DJ:

1. You should see him or her at any out-of-town event where a legendary band is playing an ill-advised reunion show, or a 58-year-old DJ is playing his or her “first US show ever.”

2. You should always see the same DJ/DJs at the out-of-town record shop the next day.

If your favorite DJ doesn’t follow those two rules, judge hard. Note: A 17-year-old DJ with 10,000 terabytes of music is exempt from the above two rules.

“The Turn Up” (Beauty Bar): All of Track Meet will be around to help out resident Ynfynyt Scroll with selecting tracks and proper black light dynamics this evening.

Rania Khoury/Sparrow & the Clay (Sundown at Granada): I’ve put Rania Khoury’s “Sweet Apple Pies” on various self-made compilations lately, and though some of my friends have had mixed reactions, they invariably always at least ask who it is. That’s a positive sign for the artist.

“Stereo on Strike” (The Crown and Harp): M3SA will be the guest this evening, which is being billed as “Blixaboy vs M3SA.” It is rumored that the two will actually be collaborators soon as opposed to competitors, so look out for that.

Other Thursday shows—

“Big Bang” (The Travis): Make sure to stop by, as Mr. Sober will be right back out on the road soon on one of his various tours.

Photo: Ralph White performing at 35 Denton, March 2013. Credit: Andi Harman.