The Weekend’s Concerts (Sept 13-15): Gold Panda | Rocturnal Fest | Diamond Age


Bitch Bricks/Curvette/Bitch Teeth/Aerchive (Crown and Harp): In the midst of all of the Cassette Store Day bustle on Lower Greenville last weekend, the Crown and Harp stepped in to put on a last minute show and kindly invited a few acts to play another set at the venue after performing at Good Records. So, there is no excuse for me to miss Bitch Bricks yet again, since they’ve played three times in my neighborhood in one week. It will happen. The fact that there are two bands with the word “bitch” in the name on one bill is not lost on me, but I’ll leave it to you to make of that what you will. I think we’re just running low on available words for new band names at this point. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Also, Tape Mastah Steph’s “Funkology” will be taking place upstairs at Crown and Harp tonight, while the bands are downstairs. The theme will be decidedly different from the agitated guitar music below—funk and soul and even offshoots from the various dance genres that evolved from those two fundamental movements. It looks like you’ll be safe on both floors this evening.

Hickoids/Loco Gringos/The Beaumonts/Dim Locator (J&J Blues Bar): There will be some regional history on display here, as two of the acts—the Hickoids, from Austin; and Loco Gringos, from Dallas—have a shared and storied past as two 1980s-era punk bands who did a lot toward incorporating themes and sounds into their music that are particularly relevant to the Lone Star State. That ultimately made them influential to a lot of the “psychobilly” and “cowpunk” groups that followed in their wake, including the Reverend Horton Heat. Lubbock’s more recent devotees to the style, The Beaumonts, and our very own Dim Locator, from Denton will provide support.

Gold Panda/Slow Magic/Datahowler (The Loft): House of Plates presents this trio of acts who each sound like a band but are in fact, solo guys creating slightly experimental electronic music that never goes so far off course as to be offensive. Slow Magic’s self-described “glo fi” is probably the most balanced of the three, so try not to arrive too early or too late, like the porridge that Goldilocks ate. I’m sorry that rhymed, but I’m just trying to get out of the office for the weekend. Forgive me.

“Broken Mirror” (Texas Theatre): Following a showing of The Brood, Gavin Guthrie and Gabriel Mendoza will play selections from their respectively extensive horror film collections, which are full of oddball synthesizer music and are often better than the films that they served.

Other Friday Shows—

DJ Marvel (Candleroom)

S. Good/AV the Great/T-Lit/Pudge/Wild Bill/Stu Brootal/D-Mar (Andy’s Bar)


“Rocturnal Fest” (Ash Studios): As the salespeople say, there is “something for everyone” at this sprawling event, however there might be a little bit too much of everything for everyone. I counted twenty live acts total, and the show runs for a seemingly exhausting twelve hours. So, stay hydrated and stay away from the “beer super soakers.” Those won’t help you accomplish anything productive.

It’s fairly cheap—12 bucks at the door, and half-price between 3:30 and 5 pm the day of. And it sounds like you can get a deal if you know how to hustle. For instance, there is a “SPECIAL DISCOUNT ADMISSION @ THE DOOR” available for “GROUPS of 5 LADIES!!” Their caps, not mine, and I’m sure you knew that. Now, do I know at least one group of five ladies? I believe I do. I just wonder if I can find five ladies, or anyone for that matter, who can stand being around one another while water guns rain beer for twelve hours. Kidding, of course. I mean, me. Who can stand being around me. Okay, here’s the lineup:

Band Line up:

Ducado VeGA & Zenya Vi / AKA: DiiViiZiiVii
Tu Deip
Gypsy Bravado
The Orange
Animal Spirit
Werewolf Therewolf
PS The Rebels
The Chloes
Alsace Carcione
Doug Funnie
The David Florentino Band
Jess Dixon

DJ Line Up:

The Vinyl Countdown
Diverse Teknics
DJ Spiderman
DJ Bilal
Kill Tron
Two Tone DTX DnB Crew feat. MC Astro and Leo J

Diamond Age/Videoing/Banos Y Banos (Good Records): This free event starts at 8 pm, and features an act with members you may recognize from our recent past. First up is Denton’s Baños y Baños, which features musicians from both White Drugs and Kaboom—two very loud, distorted, and reliably good rock bands, when there were more of those around. Videoing includes members of Austin’s Single Frame, who had changed their name from Single Frame Ashtray, for reasons unknown, but I still mentally include the “Ashtray” in there when I hear it. I suddenly just longed for the Austin (and even Denton) of several years ago, just like I said I never would. The vintage clothing stores were just different back then. Does anyone else remember Slinky Whistle Bait?

Wanz Dover (Texas Theatre): Following the showing of Sample Thisan interesting looking documentary on the history of sampling—Mr. Dover will play records where samples come from. He may even even play the records doing the sampling. As simple as that all sounds, it’s always a joy to consciously dig through source material.

Other Saturday Shows—

“Glamorama” (Beauty Bar)


Pedestrian Deposit/Nite Shadez/Sobering/Prisons/Ascites (Hailey’s): It’s not often that I see a House of Tinnitus production at Hailey’s—and would have been completely unthinkable in the venue’s Spune era circa 2007—but it’s a changed world we live in and I welcome it. Nite Shadez put on what was easily the most extreme set I’ve ever seen at Good Records last weekend, and I have no doubt that I could say the same for Hailey’s after they Sunday, though they may receive stiff and friendly competition from a couple of the other racket-providers on the bill.

Other Sunday shows—

Rich Hands/Sealion/Doom Ghost (Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios)


Photo: Nite Shadez at Good Records, September 2013. Credit: Andi Harman.