Concert Picks for Thursday, Sept 19: Track Meet at CentralTrak, Quixod, and Spinderella

“Trak Meet” featuring Ashton Hart/Track Meet (CentralTrak): Track Meet playing an event called “Trak Meet” at CentralTrak.  Don’t you just love Dallas? On nights like this, I really do. However unintentional, there are two important themes at work here, whether anyone wants to admit it or not. It’s kind of my job to admit things, so I’ll do it for you.

First of all, CentralTrak is the forward-thinking artists residency/gallery that has existed since 2002, and was rudely infringed upon last year by a couple of DC9 at Night dropouts, which might I add has improved exponentially since that exodus. So, good for the Observer. However, I’ve noticed occasionally that the original CentralTrak is not always as aggressive as it could be about the fact that it exists and was founded ten years before its homophonic intruder, especially in the face of the ridiculously unimaginative swiping of its name. That’s absurd. If you’re the original, stand up and protect your territory, especially from those who wish to dumb down our local culture, rather than improve it. The space has hosted live music, performance art, panels, and exhibitions from a long list of contributors who might not get the chance in a more traditional gallery.

Then there’s Track Meet, an outspoken collection of DJs who always seem to be pushing Dallas’ dance community to evolve as quickly as it does online and internationally, threatening to leave its somewhat dusty old guard behind if they can’t keep up. They shun no genre, refusing to be pigeonholed in the myriad ways that the commerce-focused oppression of nightlife can do just that, and are constantly mining for sounds to make North Texas as ahead of the curve as any other major metropolitan area.

There you have it: The better side of our city’s entertainment future, making an appearance at one of the most fruitful arts establishments of our recent past, and of which we should be most supportive because this CentralTrak never embarrasses us, and hopefully plans on sticking around as well. In a rare sponsored event, drinks will be provided by Bombay Sapphire and food will be handled by the brand new restaurant, Mesero Miguel.

And just as he does every Thursday, Track Meet’s Ynfynyt Scroll will be appearing at Beauty Bar right after this wraps up, so an appearance at that after-party is also recommended.

Quixod/Danny Rush & the Designated Drivers/Gay C** Daddies/Sarah Ruth Alexander (J & J’s Pizza): Quixod is the self-recorded and self-produced project of Greg Dixon, a classically trained musician from Denton whose many music-related accomplishments include writing for the necessarily geeky, Perfect Sound Forever, running sound at Rubber Gloves, and performing with Vaults of Zin.

He uses words such as “bedroom” and “pop” to describe the project, which I find a little amusing, because it’s certainly poppy compared to the other more challenging output by the composer. But it’s also as meticulously crafted as one might expect by someone with such a rich music education. In other words, whenever I hear someone like this having a pop project—the less academic but comparably skilled Alex Atchley comes to mind—the music is still much more complex than the most elaborate composition by your average pop band.

If you consider that this show is capped off by another towering figure from the highly skilled North Texas music community, Sarah Alexander, this is a lot of talent at a pizza place on a Thursday. Or maybe it’s just another night in Denton.

 “Subsonic Indulgence” (Andy’s Bar): There are a long list of DJs guesting this evening, who are currently on an extensive tour of the Midwest, and that somehow includes Texas, but we’ll always take it. CJ Milli hails from Philadelphia; Trill Scott Heron … give me a second to stop laughing at that name … okay, there … is from Austin; DJ Foxy, is from Tulsa,; and Creole, is from Monroe, Louisiana. Got all that? Oh, and Dallas resident Shelby Woo will be there, along with the usual duo of SpaceChase and SofaKing.

 Spinderella/DJ Misbehaviour/Jay Clipp/JT Donaldson (Crown and Harp): Having a night of nothing but 45s and bringing in a DJ from New York, (Misbehaviour) who hosts one of the better-known parties of the limited RPM variety (“Mobile Mondays“) is a concept with which I’m already onboard. But I’ve actually heard Spinderella plow through a box of singles, as she happened to be the in store guest when I was shopping at Amoeba Records on at trip to LA a few years ago. Expect some classics and send me a DM if you need an extra adapter. I’m just down the street.

Also at Crown and Harp this evening, Wanz Dover be playing tracks at his “Lost Generation,” so you’ll do well to stop by either floor.

THRWD Thursday” (The Gin Mill): Tonight’s guest is DJ Niro, who you may know from the Slip Inn, Crown and Harp, or even the H&M at Northpark.

Other Thursday Shows—

“Big Bang” (The Travis)

The Marked Men/Bad Sports/The Distressers (Three Links)

Bethan/The Calmative/Plastic Habit (Double Wide): Note— You can see the same lineup at J&J’s Pizza in Denton tomorrow, if you can’t make it out this evening.





Image: Sarah Alexander, in live performance at “Free Week,” September 2013. Credit: Andi Harman.