Concert Picks for Thursday, Sept 12: Austra, “The Turn Up,” and Lucinda Williams

Before we get started, a few nightlife items you might have missed on FrontRow earlier this week:

Photographer Andi Harman had a few words and many photos on the most comprehensive visual summary of the annual “Free Week” semester kickoff that takes place at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios every year.

D Magazine intern Michelle Ofiwe continues to demonstrate an ease with her subjects that most Dallas music writers with more supposed skins on the wall would do well to study. This week she turned in an extremely thorough story on the production company, Dropclock Productions, and their rise in the local party circuit. Think it’s easy to track down a quote from a guy who goes by “Doob?” Think again.

Finally, the aforementioned Harman had another photo essay on the first annual International Cassette Store Day, and I talked a dollop of smack at the beginning of that piece. I gave her endless grief about early 1990s Beastie Boys music videos for the fisheye lens she used on this piece, but it all ended up working out. Judging by how many people changed their personal profile pics on Facebook to a Harman original, everyone was happy. Either that or they really do miss the nineties. Entirely possible.

Austra/Diana (Trees): Austra put on one of the best shows I saw at South By Southwest back in March, and even the most shoe-dragging anemics in our circle felt compelled to kick off their frayed sneakers to actually dance. Okay, it didn’t go exactly like that, but you get the idea. They completely outdid the xx when they opened for them at the Granada a month earlier as well. They are simply as complex, mysterious, and fascinating as that more obvious band wishes they were. Which is exactly why they’ll likely never be as popular, but I promise their records will age better.

King Dude/The Angelus/Night Game Cult (Bryan Street Tavern): If you can’t make it to Austra, this is a solid consolation prize, as Night Game Cult and the Angelus happen to be two of our better melodramatic local talents, though Night Game says its dropping the beats altogether, in favor of an acoustic set. That should still be worthwhile.

Cleric/Unconscious Collective/Dead to a Dying World/Juicy Karkass (The Crown and Harp): Two of our most intimidating local bands (who really wear it on their collective sleeve when you consider names alone), Dead to a Dying World and Unconscious Collective are embarking on a ten-date East Coast tour and this is the starting point. Considering that it’s still almost a hundred degrees in Mid-September, how I would love to even be a roadie or driver on this. Page me, fellas.

“The Turn Up” (Beauty Bar): “The Turn Up’s” invitation mentioned something about “No BS” and “No shade.” The first is possible, but the second might be a tall order in a catty city like Dallas. Diss tracks are making a comeback lately, for instance. Forget Kendrick Lamar. Have you heard Drama the King’s blistering take on local music? And people call me opinionated about such matters.

Lucinda Williams (Annette Strauss Square): I actually can’t think of a better artist to perform in this setting. Williams is just the right balance of critically acclaimed with strong historical references that take Lou Reed into as much consideration as Hank Williams. I’m always pleased when my parents throw this on.

Other Thursday Shows—

Matthew and the Arrogant Sea/Year of the Bear/Wirewings (Dan’s Silver Leaf)

“Hip Hop Karaoke” (The Crown and Harp)

“Big Bang” (Beauty Bar)

Photo: Austra, performing at South By Southwest, 2013. Credit: Andi Harman.